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The description of Heruie.

AS we haue of others, so let vs also now make and set foorth the description of Heruie. He was of stature a tall and a comelie man, his eies graie and sonewhat big, amiable of face and pleasant of countenance, an eloquent man, hauing a long and a round necke, his shoulders somewhat low, his armes and hands somthing long, he was broad brested, but small in waste, though the same being big in others is thought to be commendable, his bellie was somewhat big and round, his thighes, legs, and féet being well proportionated and answerable to his bodie; of stature he was indifferent. But as in bodie he was well beset & compact, so on the contrarie, his mind, life, and conuersation were corrupt & disordered. For euen from his childhood he was giuen to lecherie, being readie and forward to performe in wanton & filthie actions, whatsoeuer liked him or anie others, who were of the like disposition: and therefore he forbare neither incest nor adulteries, nor anie other such like filthinesse. Besides, he was a priuie and an enuious accuser, and a double man, vncerteine, vaine, and altogither vnconstant, sauing in inconstancie; a verie subtill man and a deceitfull: vnder his toong he had both milke and honie, but both of them were mixed with poison. He was sometimes in great prosperitie, and all things fell out according to his owne desire; and suddenlie fortune turning hir whéele, he had such a fall, that he did neuer recouer the same againe. He was sometimes a verie good soldior, and had good experience in the feats of wars, after the maner vsed in France; but he was so suddenlie altred & changed, that he became more skilfull in malice than valiant in prowesse, more full of deceit than renowmed in honor, more puffed vp in pride than endowed with worship, more hastie than happie, and more full of words than abounding in truth.

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