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The succouring of the garrison at Limerike.

REIMOND hauing receiued the kings determination by the foresaid foure messengers, prepared all things in a readinesse for his passage ouer accordinglie, and nothing wanted therevnto but onelie a west wind. But before the same happened, messengers came from the garrison at Limerike, aduertising that Donold prince of Thomond had besieged the citie round about with a great armie, and that their vittels which they had in the towne, aswell that which they found at their comming thither, as also what so euer was else prouided, were all spent and consumed; and therefore requested that they might with all spéed be rescued and holpen. The earle, who was verie sorie & pensife for these newes, and deuising all the waies he could to helpe them, caused a muster to be taken of all his souldiers; who were so greeued for the going awaie and departure of Reimond, that they vtterlie denied and refused to go and to serue that waie, vnles Reimond were their capteine and lieutenant. Wherevpon they tooke aduise with the kings messengers what were best to be doone in this distresse. At length it was thought best, that Reimond should take the enterprise in hand; and he though verie loth, yet at the request of the earle and the foresaid gentlemen, yéeldeth himselfe to that seruice, and marched foorth toward Limerike, hauing with him foure score gentlemen of seruice, two hundred horsmen, & thrée hundred archers, besides Morogh of Kencile, and Donold of Ossorie, and certeine other Irishmen, who serued and attended him. And as he was marching and comming toward Cashill, tiding was brought him that the prince of Thomond had raised his siege and was comming towards him to méet him, and was now come to the passe of Cashill: which passe although naturallie of it selfe it were verie strong, yet by means of new trenching, plashing of trées, and making of hedges, it was made so strong, that no horsmen could either enter or passe through the same.

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