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The councell or synod kept at Dublin; of Viuian the popes legat, and of Miles Cogans issuing into Connagh.

IN this meane time, Viuianus the popes legat remained still in Ireland, and held a synod at Dublin of all the clergie, in which he openlie confirmed and published the right which the king of England hath to the realme of Ireland, as also the popes ratification and confirmation of the same; commanding and charging euerie person, of what estate, degrée, or condition soeuer he were, that vpon paine of excommunication he should not denie his loialtie, nor breake his allegiance vnto him. And moreouer (1) forsomuch as the manner and custome was among the Irishrie, that whensoeuer anie goods, come, or vittels, were put and kept in anie church, no man would medle or deale to carrie the same awaie; yet neuerthelesse, he gaue licence and libertie to all Englishmen, that whensoeuer they went, or were to go in anie hosting, and could not elsewhere be prouided of anie vittels, that they might lawfullie take what they found in anie church, so that they left with the church-wardens, or such as had the charge thereof, the true and iust value of so much as they tooke awaie. These things thus doone, Miles of Cogan, who was lieutenant of the bands of soldiors vnder William Fitzaldelme, as also conestable of the citie of Dublin, he with 40 gentlemen, whereof 20 were vnder the conduct of Ralph the son of Fitzstephans, as also his lieutenant, and they hauing with them 200 horssemen & 300 footmen, passed ouer the riuer of Shenin, & inuaded Connagh, which hitherto no Englishman had aduentured. The Connagh men foorthwith set on fire and burned all their townes, villages, and churches, as also all such corne as they had in their haggards, and in their caues, and could not carrie with them. Likewise they tooke downe the images and crucitixes, and hurled them abroad in the fields. Neuerthelesse, the Englishmen marched onwards, till they came to the towne of Thomond, where they staied eight daies togither; and finding the countrie forsaken of the people, and barren of vittels, they returned backe againe ouer the Shenin: and by the waie they met with Rothorike prince of Connagh, who laie in a wood neere the Shenin watching for them, and he had thrée great troops and companies with him of the best fighting men of Connagh. Betwéene them there was a long and a cruell fight, in which Miles lost but thrée of his owne companie, but manie of his enimies were slaine. Which doone, he recouered ouer the riuer, & so came safelie to Dublin.

(I) This vsage and custome is yet at this present obserued, and euerie church in the countrie stuffed and filled with great chests full of corne, which the husbandmen doo for safetie kéepe therein: and this lieth safe at all times, euen in the verie warres among themselues: howbeit the same is not so religiouslie kept and obserued in these daies as in times past.

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