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The croising of kings.

BUT perchance the king was reserued by heauenlie disposition to the victorie of deserued loue. How much greater is it to repare things cast downe, than to vnderprop things likelie to fall? And who had knowne Hector, ifTroie had continued in prosperitie? By so much as aduersitie is more instant and vrged, by so much the glorie of valiantnesse will shine tile brighter. For by the secret iudgement of God, within two yeares after the victorie was giuen to the pagans and Parthians, against the christians, either to reuenge the cold deuotion of the east church, or to trie the deuout obedience of the westerne men; the vorthie Richard earle of Poitiers liearing this ouerthrow, tooke deuoutlie the croisure vpon him at Towres, giuing an example to other princes in that matter. Whervpon the king of England, the earles father, and Philip king of France, who had bin before at variance (with Gods grace, and the archbishop 6of Towres persuasion) in that place and that houre, at their conference at Guisors were croised, with manie other great men of the clergie and laitie. And as kings folowed the example of the erle, so after their example the emperour Frederike, through the persuasion of the duke of Alba, with manie states of Almane were croised in the lords court at Mentz. So as it is thought, the king of England being reserued more than all other to the restoring of the decaied state of the holie land, if he had finished his life in this victorie; doubtlesse that famous prophesie of Merlin Anmbrosius had beene verified in him. " His beginning
A prophesie of Merlin touching the king. (saith he) shall wauer with wild affections, and his end shall mount to heauen..

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