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Edward the fourth and Edward the fift.

THOMAS Fitzmorice earle of Kildare, lord iustice till the third yeare of Edward
Lieutenants and deputies in king Edward the fourth his daies. the fourth, after which time the duke of Clarence, brother to the king, had the office of lieutenant while he liued, & made his deputies by sundry turnes, Thomas earle of Desmond, Iohn Tiptoft earle of Worcester the kings cousine, Thomas earle of Kildare, and Henrie lord Greie of Ruthin. Great was the credit of the Giraldins euer when the house of Yorke prospered, and likewise the Butlers thriued vnder the bloud The Butlers. of the Lancasters: for which cause the earle of Desmond remained mauie yeres deputie to George duke of Clarence his good brother: but when he had spoken certeine disdainefull words against the late marriage of king Edward with the ladie Elizabeth Greie, the said ladie being now queene, caused his trade of life after the Irish maner, contrarie to sundrie old statutes inacted in that behalfe, to be sifted and The earle of Worcester. 1467 examined by Iohn erle of Worcester his successor; so that he was atteinted of treason, condemned, and for the same beheaded at Droghedagh.

Iames the father of this Thomas earle of Desmond, being suffered and not controlled, Campion out of Sentleger in his collections. during the gouernment of Richard duke of Yorke his godcept, and of mas earle of Kildare his kinsman, put vpon the kings subiects within the countries of Waterford, Corke, Kerrie, and Limerike, the Irish impositions of quinto and liuerie, Irish impositions cartings, carriages, lodgings, cocherings, bonnaght, and such like, which customes are the verie bréeders, mainteiners, and vpholders of all Irish enormities, wringing from the poore tenants euerlasting sesse, allowance of meat and monie, whereby their bodies and goods were brought in seruice and thraldome, so that the men of warre, horsses, and their Galloglasses lie still vpon the farmers, eat them out, beggar the countrie, foster a sort of idle vagabonds, readie to rebell if their lord command them, euer nuzled in stealth and robberies.

These euill presidents giuen by the father, the son did exercise, being lord deputie, to whome the reformation of that disorder speciallie belonged. Notwithstanding the same fault being winked at in other, and with such rigor auenged in him, was manifestlie taken for a quarrell sought and procured. Two yeares after, the 1469 said earle of Worcester lost his head, whilest Henrie the sixt taken out of the tower was set vp againe, and king Edward proclained vsurper, and then was Kildare inlarged, whom likewise atteinted, they thought also to haue rid, and shortlie both the earles of Kildare & Desmond were restored to their bloud by parlement. Sir Restitution to bloud. 1470 Flatsburie. Rowland Eustace, sometime treasuror and lord chancellor, was lastlie also lord deputie of Ireland. He founded saint Francis abbeie beside Kilcollen bridge. King Edward a yeare before his death honored his yoonger sonne (Richard duke of Yorke) with the title of lieutenant oner this land, which he injoied till his vnnaturall vncle bereft both him and his brother king Edward the fift of their naturall lines.

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