Henrie the seuenth.

TO which earle came the wilie priest sir Richard Simon, bringing with him a lad
Henrie the seuenth. Sir Richard Simon priest. Lambert counterfeit to be the earle of Warwike. that was his scholer, named Lambert, whome he feined to be the sonne of George earle of Clarence, latelie escaped foorth of the tower of London. And the boie could reckon vp his pedigrée so readilie, & had learned of the priest such princelie behauiour, that he lightlie mooued the said earle, and manie others the nobles of Ireland (tendering as well the linage roiall of Richard Plantagenet duke of Yorke, and his sonne George their countrieman borne, as also maligning the aduancement of the house of Lancaster in Henrie the seuenth) either to thinke or to faiue, that the world might beléeue they thought verelie this child to be Edward earle of Warwike, the duke of Clarence his lawfull sonne.

And although king Henrie more than halfe marred their sport, in shewing the right earle through all the stréets of London, yet the ladie Margaret duches of Burgongne, sister to Edward the fourth, hir nephue John de la Poole, the lord Louell, sir Thomas Broughton knight, and diuers other capteins of this conspiracie, The lord Louell. Sir Thomas Broughton. deuised to abuse the colour of this yoong earles name, for preferring their purpose: which if it came to good, they agréed to depose Lambert, and to erect the verie earle indéed, now prisoner in the tower, for whose quarrell had they pretended to fight, they déemed it likelie he should haue béene made awaie. Wherefore it was blazed in Ireland, that the king to mocke his subiects, had schooled a boie to take vpon him the earle of Warwikes name, and had shewed him about London, to blind the eies of the simple folke, and to defeat the lawfull inheritour of the good duke of Clarence their countriman and protector during his life, vnto whose linage they also deriued title in right to the crowne.

In all hast they assembled at Dublin, and there in Christs church they crowned Lambert crowned. this idoll, honoring him with titles imperiall, feasting and triumphing, raising mightie shouts and cries, carrieng him from thense to the castell vpon tall men's shoulders, that he might be seene and noted, as he was sure an honorable child to looke vpon. Heerewith assembling their forces togither, they prouided themselues of ships, and imbarking therein, they tooke the sea, and landing in Lancashire, passed forwards, till they came to Newarke vpon Trent. Therevpon insued the battell of Stoke, commonlie called Martin Swarts field, wherein Lambert and his maister were taken, but yet pardoned of life, and were not executed. The erle of Lincolne, the lord Louell, Martin Swart, the Almaine capteine, and Maurice Fitzthomas capteine of the Irish, were slaine, and all their power discomfited, as in the English historie it may 1490 Iasper duke of Bedford lieutenant. further appeare. Jasper duke of Bedford, and earle of Pembroke lieutenant, and Walter archbishop of Dublin his deputie.

In this time befell another like Irish illusion, procured by the duchesse aforesaid, and certeine nobles in England, whereby was exalted as rightfull king of England, and vndoubted earle of Vlster, the counterfeit Richard duke of Yorke, preserued from king Richards crueltie (as the adherents faced the matter downe) and with this Perkin Warbecke. maigame lord, named indeed Peter, (in scorne Perkin) Warbecke, they flattered themselues manie yeares after. Then was sir Edward Poinings knight sent ouer lord deputie, 1494 Sir Edward Poinings lord deputie. Perkin Warbecke taken. with commission to apprehend Warbecks principall parteners in Ireland: amongst whom was named Girald Fitzgirald, whose purgation the king (notwithstanding diuerse surmising and auouching the contrarie) did accept. After much adoo, Perkin being taken, confessed by his owne writing the course of his whole life, and all his proceedings in this enterprise, whereof in the English historie, as we have borowed the same foorth of Halles chronicles, yee may read more, and therefore héere we haue omitted to speake further of that matter.

In the yeare 1501, king Henrie made lieutenant of Ireland his second sonne 1501 Henrie duke of Yorke, after king Henrie the eight, lord lieuenant. Henrie, as then duke of Yorke, who after reigned by the name of Henrie the eight. To him was appointed deputie the foresaid Girald erle of Kildare, who accompanied with Iohn Blake maior of Dublin, warred vpon William le Burgh, Obren, and Mac Nemarre, Ocarroull, and fought with the greatest power of Irishmen that had béene togither since the conquest, vnder the hill of Knocktow, in English the hill The field of Knocktow. of the axes, six miles from Galowaie, and two miles from Belliclare Burghes manour towne. Mac William and his complices were there taken, his souldiers that escaped the sword were pursued fleeing, for the space of fiue miles: great slaughter was made of them, and manie capteins caught, without the losse of one Englishman. The earle of Kildare at his returne was made knight of the noble order of the The earle of Kildare, knight of the garter. garter, and liued in worthie estimation all his life long, as well for this seruice, as diuerse other his famous exploits.

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