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Epizeuxis is a figure whereby a word is repeated, for the greater vehemencie, and nothing put betweene: and it is used commonly with a swift pronunciation.

An example of Virgil: A Coridon, Coridon, what madnesse hath thee moved?

An example of Cicero: Thou, thou, Anthonie gavest cause of civill warre to Caesar, willing to turne all upside downe.

An example of Esay: “I, I, which shal beare you to your last age.” Esa.46. Another: Awake, awake and stand up O Jerusalem.

This figure may also be joyned with other repetitions, as in this example of king David bewailing the death of his sonne Absolom, O my sonne Absolom, my sonne, my sonne Absolom, would God I had died for thee, O Absolom my sonne my sonne.

The use of this figure.

This figure may serve aptly to expresse the vehemncie of any
1.Apt for anie affection.
affection, wheter it be of joy, sorrow, hatred, admiration
2.Compared to a quaver in Musicke.
or any such like, in respect of pleasant affections it may be compared to the quaver in Musicke, in respect of sorrow, to a double
3.To a double sigh.
sigh of the heart, & in respect of anger, to a double stabbe with
4.To a double stab.
a weapons point.

The Caution.

Words of many syallables are unfit for this repetition, for if one should repeate abhomination, it would both sound
1.Words of many syllables unfit.
ilfavouredly, and also be long a doing: for the difference is great
2.Brevitie & beautie.
betweene saying O my sonne, my sonne, and O abhomination, abhomination, the one hath brevitie and beautie, the other prolixitie
3.Prolixitie & deformity.
and deformitie.

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