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Antanaclasis is a figure which repeateth a word that hath two significations, and the one of them contrary, or at least, unlike to the other. An example: Care for those things which may discharge you of all care. Care in the first place signifieth to provide, in the last the solicitude and dread of the minde. Another: In thy youth learne some craft, that in thy age thou mayst get thy living without craft. In this example craft in the first place signifieth science, occupation or trade; in the second, deceit and subtiltie.

The use of this figure.

This figure as it uniteth two words of one sound, so it distinguisheth them asunder by the diversitie of thier sence, wherby
1.It uniteth and distinguisheth.
it moveth many times a most pleasant kind of civile mirth, which is called of the Latines Facetiae, or Urbanitas.
2.Apt for Urbanine.

The Caution.

For as much as this figure serveth to wittie allusions, & often
to pleasant occasions of mirth: it may fall easily into excesse,
or untimely use, which follie and boldnesse do oft commit. Also regard ought to be had that this figure be not framed of an unperfit equivocation.

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