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Anamnesis in Latine Recordatio is a forme of speech by which the Speaker calling to remembrance matters past, doth make recitall of them Sometime matters of sorrow, as did Dido a litle before her death saying:

Oh happy (weleaway) and over happy had I beene,

If never Trojan ship alas, my countrey shore had seene,

An example of sacred Scripture: “By the rivers of Babel wee sate and wept there, when we remembred Sion.” Psal.137.1.

Another of the prodigall sonne: “Then he came to himselfe and said, how many servants at my fathers house, have bread inough, and I die for hunger, I will rise and goe to my father, & c.” Luke.15.17

Sometime with joy: “As Jacob did in his returne from Laban his wives father, saying: With my staffe came I over this Jordan, and now I have two droves.” Gen.32.10.

Another of David saying, “I will remember the works of the Lord, and call to mind thy wonders of old time.” Psal.77.

Another of Salomons Proverbes: “Now have I hated instruction & my heart despised correction, & have not obeied ye voice of them that taught me, nor inclined mine eare to them, ye instructed me? I was almost brought into al evill, in the middest of the congregation & assembly.” Prou.5.12.

The use of this figure.

To make mention of time past.
The use of this figure serveth in sted of a necessarie memorial of time past, whereby we are put in mind what we have beene, what we have done, what we have heard or seene, what we have suffred, what we have reeived, and so to compare it with the time present for the profite of our selves and of our hearers.

The Caution.

1. No evill matters.
The chiefest respect of this Caution is, that evill matters bee not remembered, as to call into remembrance offences forgiven and long forgotten, or occasions which may renew unprofitable
2. Nor occasions of renewing sorrow.
sorrow or move anger, or actions of vanitie which were better to lye buried than to be revived.

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