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Ara called of the Latins Imprecatio, is a forme of speech by which the Orator detesteth, and curseth some person or thing, for the evils which they bring with them, or for the wickednesse which is in them.

An example of Detestation: “O most abhominable impietie, worthie to be buried in the bottome of the earth.” Cicero.

An example of Cursing: “Wo to the bloodthirstie Citie which is full of lyes and robberie.” Naum.3.

Another of David against Doeg: Let the ungodly have dominion over him, and let Sathan stand at his right hand, when sentence is given upon him, let him be condemned, and let his praier be turned into sin, let his daies be few, & c.

The use of this figure.

1. Tit, to detest.
This figure is the fit instrument of speech to expresse the bitternesse of the detestation within us against some evill person, or evill thing, and forasmuch as it sendeth forth the flame of revenge kindeled in our affections, it may well be compared to the
2. Compared to wilde fire.
casting of wildfire, or poysoning of shotte, to destroy the enemie.

The Caution.

1. A rare use.
The use hereof ought to be verie rare, and not to rise but against intollerable impietie, not measured by man malice, but assigned
2. A curse bought and sold.
by the divine sentence, not to curse for reward as did Balaam, but to signifie whom God doth curse, as doth the Prophets and Apostles.

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