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Eulogia, in Latine Benedictio, is a forme of speech by which the Orator pronounceth a blessing uppon some person for the goodnesse that is in him or her.

An example of king David: “And David sent messengers unto the men of Jabesh Gilead, and said unto them: Blessed are ye of the Lord, that ye have shewed such kindnesse unto your Lord Saul, that you have buried him.” 2.Sam.8.2.5.

“Blessed is the man which considereth the poore and needie.” Psal.41.

“Blessed be God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 2 Cor.5.

“Blessed are those servants, whom the Lord when he commeth shall finde waking.” Luc.12.

“Happie are the people that be in such a case, yea blessed are the people which have the Lord for their God.” Psal.144.

The use of this figure.

The use hereof. tendeth to the extolling and praise of the thing
1.To praise.
which maketh happie, and to declare the happinesse and felicitie
2. To declare the felicitie of the possessor.
of the possessor, and also it is a forme of speech which doth much
3. To move love to the cause.
move to the love of the thing which is the cuase of blessednesse.

The Caution.

As the use hereof is verie effectuall & forcible to worke a love and delight in men to the cause which make men happie and blessed, so is the abuse of it odious, as when blessing is pronounced
False placing of blessings.
upon flase casuses and wrong persons, as to say, Blessed are the rich, blessed is the glutton, happie are the proud, for this is the opinion and saying of the Epicure, but Eliphas proveth the contrarie, saying: “I have seene the foolish deepe rooted, and suddenly I his habitation.” Job.5.3.

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