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Paronesis in latine Admonitio, is a forme of speech by which the speaker expresseth an admonition, or warning to his hearers.

An example of Cicero: For Gods sake take heed Judges lest through hope of present peace, you bring not in continual warre. By this warning Cicero disswadeth the Senat from making league with Antony.

Hitherto doth belong the warning that almightie God gave to Noa, concerning the flood and preparing the Arke.

And likewise the admonition of the Angels to Lot, concerning

the destruction of Sodom.

An example: “Beweare of false Prophets which come unto you in sheepes cloathing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves, you shall know them by their frutes.” Mat.7.15.

Another: “My sonne if sinners do entice thee, consent thou not, if they say come with us and we will laie wayt for blood, & c.” Prov.1.10.

The use of this figure.

This forme of speech doth properly belong to reveale dangers,
To reveale dangers.
and to dehort the hearer from them, a singular vertue proceeding from goodnesse, love, and faithfull friendship, and therefore
To dehort.
ought to be accepted as a singular benefit.

The Caution.

There are two faultes which may be committed in giving admonition or warning, the one by ambiguitie, the other by unportunitie, by ambiguitie, as when the warning is given in a
1. Ambiguitie.
doubtfull forme of speech which may be taken and understood two maner of waies, whereof the one is false and deceitfull, in such forme were the blinde prophesies signfied in times past which as they say gave noble men warning but in such ambiguitie and obscuritie that the true meaning could never be knowne, till destruction had ended the strife.

The second fault is committed by importunitie, that is, when

2. Importunitie.
admonition commeth too late.

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