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Apomnemonsysis, called of some Dieu commemoratio, that is, the rehearsal of a saying: It is a forme of speech by which the Orator reciteth some saing or sentence of another worhty of remembrance and observation. An example of the holy Scripture: “O hypocrites Esay, prophecyed well of you, saying” Matth 15.7.: “This people draweth neere unto me with their mouth and honoureth me with their lippes, but their heart is far from me.” Esay.29.13.

Another of the Apostle Paul: “For in him we live, and mone, and have our boeing, as certaine of your owne Poets have sayd, for we are also his generation.” Act.17.8.

The use of this figure.

1. To confirm.
By this place it is, that the Orator for the cause of better confirmation, confirmation, confutation, consolation, praise or reprehension reciteth
2. confute.
some apt sentence, or fit testimonie of approved Authors,
3. To praise.
and applieth it to his purpose. In divinity the sentences of sacred
4. To reprehend.
Scriptures, and the excellent sayings of ancient and learned fathers, in the profession of the lawes, the recorded opinions and determinations
5. To Comfort.
of the most grave and prudent Judges, in the doctrine of PHisicke, the rules and directions of the best approved Authors: in the lectures of Philosophy the most high and prudent reasons of the most renowmed Philosophers, and so consequently in all others.

The Caution.

The first and chiefe point that is to be observed concerning this figure by way of Caution, is to take heed that good sayings be not applyed to evil purpose, which commeth many times
1. A good sentence all applyed.
to passe by mans ignorance, insolency or mallice, or by Satans subtiltie.
2. By ignorance.
By ignorance men mistaking the sence of the authority alledged, fall into grosse errors. By insolency proud and wanton
3. By insolency.
persons do oft apply sacred sentences to most prophane and vile uses wresting chast sayings to unchast sences. By malice,
4. Sacred scriptures vilely abused.
hipocrites and heretikes do most wickedly pervert the true sence and meaning of the holy Scriptures, as did the Scribes & Pharisyes
5. By malice.
the law of Moses.

6. By Satans subtilty.
By Satans subtilty opposed against all truth, which tendeth either to the glory of God or the salvation of man: as may appear in the 4. of Matthew and 6. verse, where he most deceitfully and maliciously abuseth that saying of the Prophet: “He shall give his Angels charge over thee, with the rest following.” Psal.90.12.

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