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Diatyposis is called in Latine Informatio & Testamentum: In Rhetorick it is a forme of speech, by which the speaker or Orator commendeth certaine profitable rules and precepts to his hearers and to the posterity.

An example of Salomon: “My sonne hearken unto my wisedome, and incline thine eare unto my prudence, that thou maist regard counsell, & thy lips observe knowledge, & c.” Prov.5.1.2.

Another: My sonne keepe thy fathers commandements, and forsake not the law of thy mother. After these presepts, he addeth the rules, and partes of his counsell: Joseph geveth instruction to his brothers what answere they should make to Pharoah.

Paul delivereth rules to Timothie concerning Bishops, Deacons, widowes and servants.


Peter geneth good precepts to wives concerning their subicaion to their husbands, and their modestie in apparel.


Another of Jethro giving rules to Moses for the election of Judges, saying: “Moreover provide thou among all the people, men of courage, fearing God, men dealing truely, hating covetousnesse, & appoint such over them to be rulers over thousands, rulers over hundreds rulers over fifties, & rulers over ten, and then let them judge the people at all seasons, & c.” Exodus 18, 21, 22.

The use of this figure.

The practice and use of this forme doth necessarily require gravity
Authority required.
and authoritie in the speaker and rule giver: Examples hereof are the Patriarks, Apostles, Lawmakers, magistrates, parents & governours, for from these (as conduits of wisedome, ordeined by almightie God for our direction) we receive the holesome rules and profitable counsell of life, by which we are guided throuh ye wildernesse of this life illuminated in the middest of our darkenesse, and supported from falling into wilful confusion. By this forme the wisedome of the Creator giveth precepts to his creatures, Patriarks to their posterity, Prophets to their people, Princes to their subjects, Parents to their children, and old age to tender youth.

The Caution.

This forme of speech becommeth faultie and unlawfull, by
1. Wicked counsell.
the corruption of men, abusing their wittes as by giving ungratious and evil counsailes, or their authoritie by making ungodly lawes and adicts, or by commanding & persuading things blameworthy as did Rebeccah, commanding and counselling her
2. Unrighteous preceptes.
sonne Jacob to steale his fathers blessyng, and thereby to prevent Esau his elder brother. Briefly this forme of speech is abused by
3. By whom it is abused.
false prophets and teachers, by wicked Princes, ungodly parents, and ungratious counsellers.

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