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Apostrophe, is a forme of speech by which the Orator turneth suddenly from the former frame of his speech to another, that is, when he hath long spoken of some person or thing, he leaveth speaking of it, and speaketh unto it, which is no other thing than a sudden removing from the third person to the second.

Cicero in his Orations, hath plentie of examples of this figure, where sometimes he speaketh to Dolabella. Antony, and others being absent as if they were present, by this figure also the Orator turneth from his direct passage, to entertaine some historie or Apologie, which are fit for his purpose, but the most usuall forme of this figure, is in turning our speech from the third person to the second.

When the LORD by his Prophet Ofe had long complained of Israel, he leaveth speaking of Israel and speaketh to Israel saying: O Israel thine iniquitie hath undone thee.

The use of this figure.

?? object.
This forme of speech serveth to a pleasant variation, by removing from one person to another, and it is verie apt to vehement objections, & grevous compalints, and sometimes to praise, and it is well represented in a double forme of warre, as when a
Compared military.
puisant army after long seige, turneth upon the sudden to a violent assalt and battery.

The Caution.

Unapt or violent.
The speciall points to be here observed are these. First, that the aversion be not too abrupt and violent. Secondly, that the matter be not of lesse importance, or lesse vehement which is spoken
2. Of lesse importance to the second person, is a fault.
to the second person, then that which was spoken of the third: for it is alwaies counted a fault to speake more behind the backe, then before the face, I meane in the speech of an adversary.

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