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Synchoresis, is a forme of speech by which the Orator trusting strongly to his cause, giveth leave to the Judges or his adversaries, to consider of it with indifference, & so to judge of it, if it be found just and good, to allow it, if evil, to condemne and punish it.

An example of Cicero: But now Judges I leave the whole, and the most lawfull right of my cause, which I have declared, and commit it unto you to judge and determine it, as reason and wisedome shall direct you.

Another example of Job: “If I have walked in vanieite, or if my foote hath made hast to deceive. Let God wey me in the just ballance, and ye shall know mine uprightnesse if my steppe hath turned out of the way, or my heart hath walked after mine eye, or if any blot hath cleved to my handes: let me sow, and let another eate, yea let my plants be rooted up.” Job. 31. Hereby Job sheweth wherein his uprightnesse consisteth, that he was guiltlesse and innocent before men, not offending against the second table.

Another of Peter: “Whether it be right saith he in the sight of God, to hearken unto you more then unto God, judge ye.” Acts. 4.

The use of this figure.

This figure is most excellent to justifie a good cause, and may fitly be compared to the touchstone and the ballance, instruments
1. To justifie.
of triall and equitie: for this forme of speech committeth
2. To confute.
the examination of the cause to be tryed by the touchstone of proofe, and by the ballance of equitie and conscience.

The Caution.

He that shall use this forme of speech, ought to take heed ye his
1. Looke that the cause be good.
, for otherwise he condemneth himself, & is utterly excluded from mercy & favour by his owne offer & sentence. Secondly,
2. Grant not too farre.
it behooveth him so to commit his cause ye he may notwithstanding
Parcialitie & ignorance evil judges.
resume it if there be found parcialitie, perverse affection, or grosse ignorance in the persons to whom such commission is granted.

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