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Dilemma this figure differeth from Diaeresis or Division, for that divideth the generall into the specials, but this removing one thing from another, endeth them both by shewing a reason. Cicero for Ligarius. I demaund now, whether you will revenge your owne injuries, or the injuries of the common wealth: if you do revenge the injurie of the common wealth: if you do revenge the injurie of the common wealth: what answere will you make concerning your constancie in that behalfe? If that you do revenge your owne, beware you erre not, which think that Caesar will be angry and retaine displeasure with your enemies, when he hath forgiven his own, not covetousnesse, for the maner of his life doth shew that he was never covetous, neither povertie for he hath great riches.

Another: Why should I now saie any thing to thy charge, if thou beest good, thou hast not deserved it, but if thou beest naught, thou carest not for it.

An example of the Apostle Paul: “If I do it willingly I have a reward, but if I do it against my wil, notwithstanding a dispensation is committed unto me.” 1. Cor. 9.

“If I have evill spoken, beare witnesse of that evill: but if I have well spoken, why smitest thou me?” Joh.18.

The use of this figure.

This figure pertaineth properly to confirme or confute, and
1. To confirm.
that after a most mightie and invincible maner of inferring
2. To retell.
a conclusion.

The Caution.

The errors into which this figure may fall, are these: Unapt
1. Unapt diveisions.
divisions, and false reasons: both which do blemish and weaken
2. False reasons.
this a frome of speech.

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