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Eutrepismus, in latine called Bonus ordo, and Ordinatio, it is a forme of speech, which doth not only number the partes before they be said, but also doth also order those partes, and maketh them plaine by a kind of definition, or declaration. By definition, an example:

There be three things which men do greedily covet, and earnestly follow, riches, pleasures, and honors, riches are the nurces of sinne and iniquitie, pleasures are the daughters of dishonesty, and guides which lead to misery: Honors are mothers and nurces of worldly pompe, and vanitie.

There are three sorts of men which do dispose of all that a man hath, the Lawyer, the Phisition, and the Divine. The Lawyer disposeth of his goods, the Phisition of his bodie, and the divine of his soule.

Another of scripture: “These be foure small things in the earth, yet they are wise and full of wisedome, the Pismire a people not strong, yet prepare they their meat in sommer, the Cunnies a people not mightie, yet make they their houses in the rockes. The Grashopper hath no king, yet they go forth by bands, the Spider taketh hold with her hands and is in Kings Palaces.” Prov.30.

“These things rejoyce me, and by them am I bewtified before God and men, the unitie of brethren, the love of neighbors, a man and a wife that agree togither. three sorts of men my soule hateth, and I utterly abhorre the life of them: A poore man that is proude, a rich man that is a lyar, and an olde adulterer that doteth.” Eccle.25.1.2.

The use of this figure.

1. Plentie.
The use hereof is both profitable and pleasant, it is profitable
2. Varietie.
for the great plentie and copie of matter which it ministereth, and pleasant for the varietie which the severall partes containe.

The Caution.

1. Forgetfulnesse.
It is verie behouefull to take heed that when the parte be numbred in generall, they be not forgotten in the particular prosecution: as he that promised to expound the twelve articles of the Creed, and after could remember but nine.

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