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Restrictio, when of the generall word going before, a part afterward is excepted, or when of things first expressed, some alteration is noted.

1. Exception out of the general word.

An example of S. Paul: “We are afflicted on everie side, yet are we not in distresse: in povertie, yet not overcome of pvertie; we are persecuted, but not forsaken; cast downe but we perish not.” 2. Cor 4.8.9.

Another: The high thrones of Princes are glorious, yet changeable: dignities are sweet, yet they be dangerous: riches are good things, yet full of trouble: pleasures are the floures & frutes of life: yet are they full of the causes of miserie, and deceitfull baites of death and destruction.

2 Noting of alteration: “I have seene the wicked in great prosperitie and flourishing like a greene bay tree, yea, he passed away, and loe he was gone, I sought him but he could not be found.” Psal.37.35.36.

The use of this figure.

1. To moderate.
This exornation is evermore used to these effects, to asswage and moderate great and swelling speeches, to mingle and temper
2. Temper.
commodities with their discomodieties, as felicitie with miserie,
3. To note imperfection.
and contrariwise, as cares with comfort. And also to note imperfection, in things which seeme perfect.

The Caution.

1. A generall exception.
It behoveth to take heed that the exception be not too generall, as if one should say we are in povertie, yet we want nothing.
2. An exception too small.
This kinde of exception disproveth the former assertion. Also that the exception be not too small, as if I should say, dignities are sweete, yet they are envied, this abateth nothing of the former praise.

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