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Symphoresis, otherwise Congeries, is a forme of speech by which the Orator doth multiply and heape manie words togither, signifying diverse things of like nature.

An example of the scripture: “Thus all thinges were mixed togither with blood, manslaughter, theft, and deceit, corruption, and unfaithfulnesse, sedition, perjury, disquieting of good men, unthankfulnesse, defiling of soules, changing of byrth, disorder in marriage, adultry, and uncleannesse.” Sap.4.

Another of the Apostle Paul: “The deedes of the flesh are manifest, which are these: Adultery, fornication, uncleannesse, wantonnesse, worshipping of images, witchcraft, hatred, variance, zeale, wrath, strife, seditions, sectes, envying, murther, drunkennesse, gluttony, and such like. Contrariwise, the frutes of the spirit, is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentlenesse, goodnesse, faithfulnesse, meeknesse, temperance.” Galat. 5.

The use of this figure.

This figure may be applyed to many purposes, as to praise, dispraise, accuse, defend, and confute, in vehement affections it is like the violent strokes of battaile, but in mildnesse it may be compared to a plentifull shower in a time of neede.

The Caution.

We ought in the use of this figure to foresee that we make not too great an heape, and that of the same heape nothing be contrary one to another.

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