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Metastasis is a forme of speech by which we turne back those thinges that are objected against us, to them which laid them to us: When Antony charged Cicero that he was the cause of civill war raised betweene Pompeius and Caesar, Cicero rebounded the same accusation againe to Antony, saing: Thou Marcus Antony, thou I say gavest to Caesar (willing to turne all upside downe) cause to make war against thy countrey.

When Ahab likewise charged Eha, that it was he which troubled all Israel, nay saith Eha it is not I that trouble Israel, but thou and thy fathers house, in that you have forsaken the commandements of the Lord, and thou hast followed Baal.

The use of this figure.

To confute.
The use of this figure serveeth both to repell objections, and
To accuse.
also to reply by accusations, and all at one time. This figure by the violence of his rebound driveth the edge of his enemies sword upon his enemies head, or as it were, taking up his enemies arrowe fendeth it backe from whence it came.

The Caution.

This figure is of little force without a reason annexed to the objection returned, for to denie the one, and to affirme the other without shewing reason of that is said, is a verie feeble manner of confutation or accusation, and is more meete for children and fooles then for men of understanding and wisedome.

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