Parenthesis is a form of speec which setteth a sentence a sunder by the interposition of another, or thus: When a sentence is cast betweene the speech before it be all ended, which although it giveth some strength, yet being taken away, it leaveth the same speech perfect enough.

An example of Esay: At that time all vineyardes, (though there were a thousand vines in one, & sold for a thousand silverlings) shalbe turned into briers and thornes.

Another of the Apostle Paul: They are the ministers of Christ (I speake as a foole) I am more, & c.

The use of this figure.

A Parenthesis is often put in, when the speaker supposing that the hearer may demaund a reason, or make an objection to that which he saith, preventeth him by an interposition expressed before the sentence be all ended, so that hereby it may appeare that a Parenthesis serveth to confirme the saying by the interposition of a reason, and to confute the objection by the timely prevention of an answere: Also where the sentence may seeme darke or doubtfull, it putteth in a short annotation or exposition to give light and to resolve the doubt.

The Caution.

Parentheses if they be verie long they cause obscuritie of the sense, and sometime confusion of former and matter, in so much that the speaker forgetting the former part of ye sentence knoweth not what the latter should be Also a needlesse interposition is like unprofitable houshold stuffe that filleth roome but doth no service: or like to the Missletoe, which albeit it standeth in the tree, and liveth by his juice, yet is neither of the like nature, nor beareth the like frute.

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