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Antithesis, a figure which Quntilian calleth contention, and it is a proper coupling together of contraries, and that either in words that be contrarie, or in contrarie sentences.

1 In contrary words: He is gone but yet by a gainfull remove, from painfull labour to quiet rest, from unquiet desires to happie contentment, from sorrow to joy, and from transitory time to immortalitie.

2 An example of Cicero: And may you then preferre the unknowne before the knowne, the wicked before the just, strangers before neighbours, the covetous before the contented, hirelings before free helpers, the prophane before the religious, the most malicious enemies to this Empire and hnour, before vertuous companions, and faithfull Citizens?

3 So well sighted were the eyes of his minde, that by them he saw life in death, an exaltation in falling, florie in shame, victory in destruction, a kingdome in bondage: and a glorious light in the midst of darknesse.

4 In contrary sentences: Art thou rich? then robbe not the poore: if thou beest strong, tread not the weake under thy feete: if wise, beguile not the simple: if publike by authoritie, oppresse not him that is private.

Another: What is more odious then labour to the idle, fasting to the glutton, want to the covetous, shame to the proude, & good lawes to the wicked.

The use of this figure.

This is a most excellent ornament of eloquence, serving most
1 Varietie.
aptly to amplification, it graceth and bewtifieth the Oration
2 Perspicuitie.
with pleasant varietie, and giveth singular perspicuitie and light
3 To amplifie.
by the opposition, it is so generall that it may serve to amplifie and garnish any grave and weightie cause.

The Caution.

In the use of this exornation, it behoveth to moderate the number
1 Excesse in number.
of comparisons, lest they growe to too great a multitude, which bewrayeth affectation, a fault which ought to bee shunned.

Secondly, to provide that we impaire not the beautie and

2 Diverse in stead of contraries.
strength of this figure by opposing things differing, in stead of contraries.

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