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Exuscitatio, is when the speaker being much moved with some vehement affection in himselfe, doth shew it by the utterance of his speech, and thereby moveth the mindes of his hearers, and it is used when persons or matters do require either great praises, or dispraises. In praises
1 Cicero
thus: What man is he? be he never so envious, never so malicious, never so ambitious of honour, but must needes commend this man, and acknowledge him to be most vertuous, most learned, most wise, who for the safegard of his country, the defence of his citie, and the riches of the common wealth, did most willingly put and yeeld himselfe to great and cruell dangers, whose learning was proved in defending, whose wisedome was wondered at, in accomplishing so dangerous an enterprise. In dispraising
2 Cicero.
thus: Who is of so carelesse a minde, that seeing these things can hold his peace and let them passe? you put my father to death before he was condemned, and being so put to death, you registred him among condemned men, you thrust me out of mine owne house by violence, you possessed my patrimony, what will you more? came you not to the seate of judgement as you do now, to put to death or at least to condemne Sextus Roscius?

The use of this figure.

This figure is verie generall, and may serve to manie and
Diverse uses.
sundrie purposes, but chieflie to praise or dispraise, it maie bee used to accuse, reprehend, to defende, and justifie.

The Caution.

Not to be hot & vehement without cause.
Forasmuch as this forme of speech is alwaies vehement, it si not meete to be used but in causes necessarily requiring vehemencie. For it is a cleare signe of folly to be hotte, vehement, and clamarous in a clame cause, or small matter.

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