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Incrementum is a form of speech, which by degrees ascendeth to the top of some thing or rather above the top, that is, when we make our saying grow, & increase by an orderly placing of wordes making the latter word alwaies exceede the former in the force of signification, contrarie to the naturall order fo thinges, for that ever putteth the worthiest, and weighiest words first, but this placeth them alwaies last, as in this example
: O my Parmeno the beginnger, the enterpriser, performer and accomplisher of all my pleasures.

Another: Neither silver, gold, nor precious stones might be compared to her vertues.

There was never yet a noble Captaine, Prince, king or Emperour, whose honorable fame and renoune hath spred far & wide, and also long continued, that may over match this worthie man in vertue or honour.

The use of this figure.

This figure is both apt to bewtifie the speech and to amplifie the matter for in forme it is neere to Articulus, and in force to comparison, and it as it were the Orators scaling ladder, by which he climeth to the top of high comparison: neither is it unlike to fire whose propertie is alwaies to ascend as big as matter can carie it.

The Caution.

In thie figure order must be diligently observed, that the stronger may follow the weaker, & the more worthie the lesse worthie otherwise the signification shal not encrease, which this figure doth especially respect, but become a Congeries which respecteth not the increase of matter but multitude of wordes.

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