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[Scene X.]

Camidius Marcheth with his Land Army one way ouer the

ſtage, and Towrus the Lieutenant of Cæſar the other way:

After their going in, is heard the noiſe of a Sea fight.

Alarum. Enter Enobarbus and Scarus.

Naught, naught, al naught, I can behold no longer:
Thantoniad, the Egyptian Admirall,
With all their ſixty flye, and turne the Rudder:
To ſee't, mine eyes are blaſted.
Enter Scarrus.

Gods, & Goddeſſes, all the whol ſynod of them!

What's thy paſſion.

The greater Cantle of the world, is loſt
With very ignorance, we haue kiſt away
Kingdomes, and Prouinces.

How appeares the Fight?

On our ſide, like the Token'd Peſtilence,
Where death is ſure. Yon ribaudred Nagge of Egypt,
(Whom Leproſie o're-take) i'th'midſt o'th'fight,
When vantage like a payre of Twinnes appear'd
Both as the ſame, or rather ours the elder;
(The Breeze vpon her) like a Cow in Inne,
Hoiſts Sailes, and flyes.

That I beheld:
Mine eyes did ſicken at the ſight, and could not
Indure a further view.

She once being looft,
The Noble ruine of her Magicke, Anthony,
Claps on his Sea-wing, and (like a doting Mallard)
Leauing the Fight in heighth, flyes after her:
I neuer ſaw an Action of ſuch ſhame;
Experience, Man-hood, Honor, ne're before,|
Did violate ſo it ſelfe.

Alacke, alacke.
Enter Camidius.

Our Fortune on the Sea is out of breath,
And ſinkes moſt lamentably. Had our Generall
Bin what he knew himſelfe, it had gone well:
Oh his ha's giuen example for our flight,
Moſt groſſely by his owne.

I, are you thereabouts? Why then goodnight

Toward Peloponneſus are they fled.

'Tis eaſie toot,
And there I will attend what further comes.

To Cæſar will I render
My Legions and my Horſe, ſixe Kings alreadie
Shew me the way of yeelding.

Ile yet follow
The wounded chance of Anthony, though my reaſon
Sits in the winde againſt me.

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