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[Scene III.]

Enter a Company of Soldiours.

1. Sol.
Brother, goodnight: to morrow is the day.

2. Sol.
It will determine one way: Fare you well.
Heard you of nothing ſtrange about the ſtreets.
1 Nothing: what newes?
2 Belike 'tis but a Rumour, good night to you.
1 Well ſir, good night.
They meete other Soldiers.
2 Souldiers, haue carefull Watch.
1 And you: Goodnight, goodnight.
They place them ſelues in euery corner of the Stage.
2 Heere we: and if to morrow
Our Nauie thriue, I haue an abſolute hope
Our Landmen will ſtand vp.
1 'Tis a braue Army, and full of purpoſe.
Muſicke of the Hoboyes is vnder the Stage.
2 Peace, what noiſe?
1 Liſt liſt.
2 Hearke.
1 Muſicke i'th' Ayre.
3 Vnder the earth.
4 It ſignes well, do's it not?
3 No.
1 Peace I ſay: What ſhould this meane?
2 'Tis the God Hercules, whom Anthony loued,
Now leaues him.
1 Walke, let's ſee if other Watchmen
Do heare what we do?
2 How now Maiſters? Speak together.

How now? how now? do you heare this?
1 I, is't not ſtrange?
3 Do you heare Maſters? Do you heare?
1 Follow the noyſe ſo farre as we haue quarter.
Let's ſee how it will giue off.

Content: 'Tis ſtrange. Exeunt.

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