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[Scene VI.]

Flouriſh. Enter Agrippa, Cæſar, with Enobarbus,

and Dollabella.

Go forth Agrippa, and begin the fight:
Our will is Anthony be tooke aliue:
Make it ſo knowne.

Cæſar, I ſhall.

The time of vniuerſall peace is neere:
Proue this a proſp'rous day, the three nook'd world
Shall beare the Oliue freely.
Enter a Meſſenger.

Anthony is come into the Field.

Go charge Agrippa,
Plant thoſe that haue reuolted in the Vant,
That Anthony may ſeeme to ſpend his Fury
Vpon himſelfe. Exeunt.

Alexas did reuolt, and went to Iewry on
Affaires of Anthony, there did diſſwade
Great Herod to incline himſelfe to Cæſar,
And leaue his Maſter Anthony. For this paines,
Cæſar hath hang'd him: Camindius and the reſt
That fell away, haue entertainment, but
No honourable truſt: I haue done ill,
Of which I do accuſe my ſelfe ſo ſorely,
That I will ioy no mote.
Enter a Soldier of Cæſars.

Enobarbus, Anthony
Hath after thee ſent all thy Treaſure, with
His Bounty ouer-plus. The Meſſenger
Came on my guard, and at thy Tent is now
Vnloading of his Mules.

I giue it you.

Mocke not Enobarbus,
I tell you true: Beſt you ſaf't the bringer
Out of the hoaſt, I muſt attend mine Office,
Or would haue done't my ſelfe. Your Emperor
Continues ſtill a Ioue. Exit

I am alone the Villaine of the earth,
And feele I am ſo moſt. Oh Anthony,
Thou Mine of Bounty, how would'ſt thou haue payed
My better ſeruice, when my turpitude
Thou doſt ſo Crowne with Gold. This blowes my hart,
If ſwift thought breake it not: a ſwifter meane
Shall out-ſtrike thought, but thought will doo't. I feele
I fight againſt thee: No I will go ſeeke
Some Ditch, wherein to dye: the foul'ſt beſt fits
My latter part of life. Exit.

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