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Scene II. Pope et seq. The Same. Another Room. Cap.

Enter... Enter Enobarbus, Charmian, Iras, Alexas, and a soothsayer. Rowe,+. Enter Alexas, Charmian, Iras, a Soothsayer and others. Cap. et seq. (subs.)

4-8. Five lines, ending sweet Alexas ... almost ... soothsayer ... say...garlands. Cap.

L. Om. Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Cap. Lord Johns. et seq.

almoſt nay, almost Cap.

where's wheres F2. Soothſayer] Southſayer F3.

ſo to'th' to th' F3F4, Rowe, Pope, Han. Oh] Oh! F4.

Oh... Garlands Two lines, ending ſay,...Garlands. Walker (Crit. i, 18).

change Ff, Rowe, Pope, Johns. Var. Steev. Var. '03, '13, Knt, Sta. charge Theob. et cet. change...with] change for horns his Han. change his garlands with horns Schmidt conj.

Soothſayer. Soothsayer,— Theob. Warb. Johns. Cap.

things all things Lloyd (N. & Qu. VII, xi, 82).

In...secrecie One line, Theob. et seq.

14. [Enter Enobarbus. Cap. et seq.

Banket Banquet F3F4.

16. [to some within. Cap. Separate line, Han.

I Madam, I Han.

20-29. Om. Gar.

You...yet Separate line, Han.

fleſh face Gould.

you are Om. Han.

preſcience patience F3F4, Rowe.

25. [to Iras. Cap.

with. with much Han.

Good now Good now, F4.

me to me, to Pope,+.

marrie me with marry me, with Han.

excellent, excellent! Theob.

then...approach Separate line, Cap. et seq.

38, 39. Prose Cap. et seq.

39-44. Om. Gar.

fore-tell F2F3. fore-tel F4. foretel Rowe, Johns. Var. Rann. foretold Pope. fertil or fertile Theob. et cet. &...Million] Ff, Johns. One line, Rowe et cet.

Out Out, out, Han.

your wiſhes Separate line, Han.

come come, and Han.

be be to go Rowe,+. be— Cap. et seq. (subs.)

if nothing els Separate line, Han.

E'ne E'en Rowe,+, Cap. Dyce, Sta. Cam. Even Var. '73 et cet. Nylus] Nile Han.

worky day F2. workyday F3. Workyday F4, Rowe,+. worky-day Cap. et seq. (subs.)

how, giue how—give Rowe, Pope. how?—give Theob. et seq. (subs.)

Alexas. Ff, Rowe, Pope i. Om. and continuing to Char. Pope ii. Continuing to Char. Theob. et seq.

worſe worst Warb. (Corrected N. & Qu. VIII, iii, 262.)

Iras. Char. Ff, Rowe. Amen,] Amen. Cap.

the thy Daniel.

decorum Ff, Rowe,+. decorum Cap. et seq.

Char. Iras. Rowe ii. Amen] Amen F4, Rowe, Pope.

now, now! Cap.

80. [Scene III. Pope,+. Enter...] Enter...attended (After line 82) Cap. et seq.

Saue you, my Saw you my Ff et seq.

ſodaine ſudden F3F4.

A...Enobarbus? One line, Rowe et seq.

Romane roaming Grey (ii, 191). hath] had F4, Rowe, Pope, Han. ſtrooke] ſtruck F3F4. strook Cap.

Enobarbus? Enobarbus. Rowe. Enobarbus,— Theob. Cap. Knt, Dyce. Enobarbus! Han. Glo.

Madam. Madam? Dyce, Glo.

Alexias? F1.

92, 93. One line, Rowe et seq.

Heere Here, lady, Cap. Here, madam, Steev.

ſeruice. My service; see, my Han.

Enter... Enter...and Attendants. Rowe. Enter...and Titius. Kemble.

We...vs One line, Rowe et seq.

Exeunt. Exeunt Cleop. Eno. Alex. Iras, Charm. Soothsayer and the rest. Cap.

97, 98. One line, Rowe et seq.

Lucius? Lucius. Ff.

I: Ay. (separate line), Johns. Ran. Mal. Steev. Knt, Coll. Dyce, Glo.

100-102. Two lines, ending state... Cæsar Rowe,+, Ran. Mal. Steev. Knt, Coll. Dyce, Glo. Three lines, ending soon...friends...Cæsar. Han. Cap.

ioynting joining Coll. MS ap. Cam. force 'gainſt] forces against Han. Cap.

iſſue Isse Rowe i (misprint). warre from Italy,] warre of Italy, F3F4, Rowe, Pope. war, from Italy Han. et seq. (subs.)

Well, Separate line, Han. Cap. Steev. worſt.] Ff. worse? Han. Ran. worst? Rowe et cet.

his the Rowe ii,+.

him as as if Pope, Theob. Han. Warb.

this is ſtiffe-newes Om. Han. Gar. Separate line, Cap.

this ... whilſt Lines end force ... Euphrates ... Syria ... Ionia ... whilſt Steev. Var. Knt, Dyce, Sta. Glo. Cam. Lines end force...Euphrates... Syria...whilst Coll. Sing. Wh. Ktly.

Hath ... Aſia One line, Rowe,+, Cap. Var. '73, '78, Ran. Mal.

Extended thro' extended Han. Cap.

from...ſhooke His conqu'ring banner from Euphrates shook Han.

from...whil'ſt Lines end shook ... Ionia ... Whilst Pope,+, Cap. Ran. Mal.

from...Ionia, And Syria, to Lydia and Ionia; Han.

to Ionia Ionia Pope,+, Cap.

ſay. say— Theob. et seq. (subs.)

Oh Oh, no Ktly.

Speake...Rome Two lines, ending tongue...Rome Rowe et seq. (subs.)

ſhe is she's Rowe ii,+, Cap. Ran. Mal. Steev. Var. Knt, Dyce ii, iii.

121. phraſe) praise Gould. my faults] thy faults F3F4.

windes F2. winds F3F4. minds Warb. Han. Ran. Mal. Var. '21, Sing. Hal. Dyce, Wh. Ktly, Glo. Cam. Coll. iii, Marshall, Dtn, Huds. Rlfe. illes] ill Pope,+.

earing ear-ring F3. Ear-ring are F4. awhlle] F1. awhile F2. a while F3F4, Rowe,+, Cap.

Noble good Words. Exit...] Om. Rowe. Exit first Messenger. Theob.

Enter... Om. Rowe, Cap.

Scicion Sicyon Pope. Scicion how the] Sicyon, how the Theob. Warb. Johns. Coll. ii. Sicyon, ho, the Dyce, Wh. Sta. Glo. Sicyon ho! the Coll. iii. Scicion now the Coll. MS.

Speake Speak to him Words.

1. Meſ. Mes. Rowe. 1. A. Cap.

The one? One line, Rowe et seq.

an one a one Cap.

2.Meſ. Attend. Rowe. 2. A. Cap. your] you F4.

looſe loſe F4.

Enter... Aſter line 136, Rowe. After line 133, Coll.

3.Meſ. 2. Mes. Rowe.

In ... bears Lines end, Sicyon...serious...bears. Pope et seq.

Importeth Importe to F3. Import to F4.

142. [Exit second Messenger. Theob.

did I deſire I desir'd Pope, Han.

contempts doth comtempt doth Sta. Glo. Rlfe, Dtn. contempts do Ff et cet.

ours our's Coll. ii.

lowring Ff, Rowe,+. lowering Cap. et cet.

could would Gould.

enchanting Om. Ff. Ægyptian Rowe, Pope.

My...Enobarbus One line, Rowe et seq.

How now How now, F4, Theob. +, Sta. Ho! Cap. Dyce, Hal. Coll. ii, Wh. i. How now! Steev. Glo. Wh. ii. Ho now! Coll. iii.

haſte haſt F3F4.

a compelling an a compelling Rowe et seq. as compelling an Anon. ap. Cam. Thiselton. so compelling an Nicholson ap. Cam.

celerity alacrity Han.

no, no; Theob.

Would 'Would Theob.+, Mal. Steev. Ktly.

Trauaile Travel F3F4.

Sir. Sir! F4, Rowe,+. Sir? Cap. et seq. (subs.)

Fuluia? Fulvia! Dyce, Coll. Glo. Cam.

it ſhewes they shew Han. Tailors] tailor Pope, Theob. Han.

comforting comforting him Rowe, Pope, Han. Warb.

members numbers Han.

caſe case were Rowe,+.

foorth fourth F2. forth F3F4.

broached broach'd Rowe ii, Pope. broachèd Dyce.

broach'd broached Knt, Coll.

be be done Anon. ap. Cam.

you, you; Theob. et seq. Cleopatra's] Cleopatra Han.

abode aboad F3F4, Rowe, Pope, Theob. Han. Warb.

light like Ff, Rowe.

199, 200. One line, Rowe et seq.

purpoſe propoſe F3F4

love love Ff, Rowe, Cap. Var. Ran. Mal. Steev. Var. Knt, Coll. i. leave Pope,+, Dyce, Hal. Wh. Coll. ii, iii(MS), Glo. Sta. Ktly, Rlfe.

Do Doth Han. Do's Heath. to vs] t'us Pope,+.

contriuing continuing Gould.

Haue Hath Ff et seq. the dare] thee dare F3F4.

ſlippery slipp'ry Rowe,+.

Sonne, Ff, Rlfe. son; Rowe et cet.

quality quality, Cap. et seq.

o'th' oth' Ff.

heire hare F3F4. hair Rowe.

Say our pleaſure, Ff, Rowe, Pope, Theob. i, Han. Warb. Say our pleasure Johns. Say, our pleasure Var. '73. Say, our pleasure, Theob. ii et cet.

whoſe places who've places M. Mason. places...require] Ff, Johns. places ...requires Var. '72. place is...requires Ff, Rowe et cet.

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