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Good...gueſt Separate line, Rowe et seq. Scene III. Cap. et seq. The Same. A Room in Cæsar's House. Cap.

1-48. Om. Gar. Kemble.

Enter... Enter...Attendants behind, and Soothsayer. Cap.

The...Sometimes One line, Rowe et seq. Lines end, time ... Rowe et seq.

my ptayers F1. in prayers Rowe, +, Cap. Varr. Ran.

byth' Ff, Rowe,+, Wh. i. by the Cap. et cet.

Good night Sir Ff, Mal. Var. '21, Coll. i, Dyce i, Wh. Glo. Cam. Hal. Ktly. Octa. Good night Sir. F2. Octa. Good night, Sir F3F4, Rowe et cet.

Goodnight Good night F4. Good-night Pope. Exit.] Exeunt Cæsar and Octavia. Rowe. [Scene IV. Pope,+.

Enter... Om. Cap. Varr. Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Knt.

you do do you F3F4, Rowe, Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. As verse, Cap. Varr. Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. Dyce i, Glo. Ktly.

nor or Han.

thither Come thither! Ktly. Prose, Pope,+. Lines end, Cap. Varr. Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. Dyce i, Glo.

I ſee it I see't Steev. Var. '03, '13. motion: ... tongue] Ff, Rowe. notion, ... tongue; Theob. Han. Ktly. motion, ... tongue; Pope et cet.

to Egypt againe again to Egypt Cap. Varr. Steev. Varr. Dyce i.

Say to me Separate line, Dyce ii. Say to me, whoſe] Separate line, Ktly. Fortunes] Fortune F4, Rowe, Pope, Theob. Han. Warb.

Cæſars Separate line, Han. Johns. et seq.

ſide side. Rowe. side: Cap.

Dæmon demon Dyce. that...thee,] Johns. Var. '73, Knt, Coll. Wh. Cam. Hal. Sta. Ktly. (that's ...thee) Ff. that shy...thee, Bulloch. that's...thee, Rowe, Glo. et cet.

high high, F3F4 et seq.

Becomes...o're-powr'd One line, Han. a feare:] F2. a fear: F3F4, Rowe, Pope,+. afeard, Upton, Sing. Coll. ii, Ktly. a fear, Cap. et cet. o're-powr'd,] o're-powr'd, and Ff, Rowe, Pope, Theob. Warb. overpower'd; And Han. o'erpowered, Johns. o'erpower'd; and Cap. o'erpower'd; Var. '73 et cet.

Make Make thou Han.

thee ... more but: when to thee, thee...more, but when to thee, Ff. thee, ...more, but...thee, Rowe, Pope. thee;... more, but...thee. Theob. et seq. (subs.)

Thou art Thou'rt Pope,+, Wh. i, Dyce ii, iii. looſe] loſe F3F4. And] he's Han.

Luſter lustre Rowe. thickens] sickens Gould.

alway 'tis alway is Ff, Rowe. away, 'tis Pope et seq.

Ventigius Ventidius Ff.

Parthia, Parthia; Pope. Parthia. Han. Johns. et seq.

ſpoken ſpoke Pope,+.

faints, ... chance, faints, ... chance; Rowe. faints...chance; Pope et seq.

lots he ſpeeds, lots, he ſpeeds, Ff, Rowe. lots, he speeds; Pope et seq.

naught Ff, Rowe, Dyce, Wh. i. nought Pope et cet.

Quailes...hoopt quails inhooped Ever beat mine Words.

in hoopt) at odd's Ff. in-hoop'd at odds Pope, Theob. Warb. Johns. in-coop'd at odds Han. in whoop'd-at odds Seward, Cap. inhoop'd, at odds Rowe et cet.

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