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[Scene II.]

Enter Tullus Auffidius with Senators of Coriolus.

1. Sen.
So, your opinion is Auffidius,
That they of Rome are entred in our Counſailes,
And know how we proceede,

Is it not yours?
What euer haue bin thought one in this State
That could be brought to bodily act, ere Rome
Had circumuention: 'tis not foure dayes gone
Since I heard thence, theſe are the words, I thinke
I|haue the Letter heere: yes, heere it is;
They haue preſt a Power, but it is not knowne
Whether for Eaſt or Weſt: the Dearth is great,
The people Mutinous: And it is rumour'd,
Cominius, Martius your old Enemy
(Who is of Rome worſe hated then of you)
And Titus Lartius, a moſt valiant Roman,
Theſe three leade on this Preparation
Whether 'tis bent: moſt likely, 'tis for you:
Conſider of it.

1. Sen.
Our Armie's in the Field:
We neuer yet made doubt but Rome was ready
To anſwer vs.

Nor did you thinke it folly,
To keepe your great pretences vayl'd, till when
They needs muſt ſhew themſelues, which in the hatching
It ſeem'd appear'd to Rome. By the diſcouery,
We ſhalbe ſhortned in our ayme, which was
To take in many Townes, ere (almoſt) Rome
Should know we were a-foot.

2. Sen.
Noble Auffidius,
Take your Commiſſion, hye you to your Bands,
Let vs alone to guard Corioles
If they ſet downe before's: for the remoue
Bring vp your Army: but (I thinke) you'l finde
Th'haue not prepar'd for vs.

O doubt not that,
I ſpeake from Certainties. Nay more,
Some parcels of their Power are forth already,
And onely hitherward. I leaue your Honors.
If we, and Caius Martius chance to meete,
'Tis ſworne betweene vs, we ſhall euer ſtrike
Till one can do no more.

The Gods aſsiſt you.

And keepe your Honors ſafe.

1. Sen.

2. Sen.

Farewell. Exeunt omnes.

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