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[Scene IV.]

Enter Martius, Titus Lartius, with Drumme and Co-

lours, with Captaines and Souldiers, as

before the City Corialus: to them

a Meſſenger.

Yonder comes Newes:
A Wager they haue met.

My horſe to yours, no.

Tis done.


Say, ha's our Generall met the Enemy?

They lye in view, but haue not ſpoke as yet.

So, the good Horſe is mine.

Ile buy him of you.

No, Ile nor ſel, nor giue him: Lend you him I will
For halfe a hundred yeares: Summon the Towne.

How farre off lie theſe Armies?

Within this mile and halfe.

Then ſhall we heare their Larum, & they Ours.
Now Mars, I prythee make vs quicke in worke,
That we with ſmoaking ſwords may march from hence
To helpe our fielded Friends. Come, blow thy blaſt.
They Sound a Parley: Enter two Senators with others on
the Walles of Corialus.
Tullus Auffidious, is he within your Walles?

1. Senat.
No, nor a man that feares you leſſe then he,
That's leſſer then a little: Drum a farre off.
Hearke, our Drummes
Are bringing forth our youth: Wee'l breake our Walles
Rather then they ſhall pound vs vp our Gates,
Which yet ſeeme ſhut, we haue but pin'd with Ruſhes,
They'le open of themſelues. Harke you, farre off
Alarum farre off.
There is Auffidious. Liſt what worke he makes
Among'ſt your clouen Army.

Oh they are at it.

Their noiſe be our inſtruction. Ladders hoa.
Enter the Army of the Volces.

They feare vs not, but iſſue forth their Citie.
Now put your Shields before your hearts, and fight
With hearts more proofe then Shields.
Aduance braue Titus,
They do diſdaine vs much beyond our Thoughts,
which makes me ſweat with wrath. Come on my fellows
He that retires, Ile take him for a Volce,
And he ſhall feele mine edge.
Alarum, the Romans are beat back to their Trenches
Enter Martius Curſing.

All the contagion of the South, light on you,
You Shames of Rome: you Heard of Byles and Plagues
Plaiſter you o're, that you may be abhorr'd
Farther then ſeene, and one infect another
Againſt the Winde a mile: you ſoules of Geeſe,
That beare the ſhapes of men, how haue you run
From Slaues, that Apes would beate; Pluto and Hell,
All hurt behinde, backes red, and faces pale
With flight and agued feare, mend and charge home,
Or by the fires of heauen, Ile leaue the Foe,
And make my Warres on you: Looke too't: Come on,
If you'l ſtand faſt, wee'l beate them to their Wiues,
As they vs to our Trenches followes.
Another Alarum, and Martius followes them to
gates, and is ſhut in.
So, now the gates are ope: now proue good Seconds,
'Tis for the followers Fortune, widens them,
Not for the flyers: Marke me, and do the like.
Enter the Gati.

1. Sol.
Foole-hardineſſe, not I.

2. Sol.
Nor I.

1. Sol.
See they haue ſhut him in. Alarum continues

To th'pot I warrant him. Enter Titus Lartius

What is become of Martius?

Slaine (Sir) doubtleſſe.

Following the Flyers at the very heeles,
With them he enters: who vpon the ſodaine
Clapt to their Gates, he is himſelfe alone,
To anſwer all the City.

Oh Noble Fellow!
Who ſenſibly out-dares his ſenceleſſe Sword,
And when it bowes, ſtand'ſt vp: Thou art left Martius,
A Carbuncle intire: as big as thou art
Weare not ſo rich a Iewell. Thou was't a Souldier
Euen to Calues wiſh, not fierce and terrible
Onely in ſtrokes, but with thy grim lookes, and
The Thunder-like percuſſion of thy ſounds
Thou mad'ſt thine enemies ſhake, as if the World
Were Feauorous, and did tremble.
Enter Martius bleeding, aſſaulted by the Enemy.

1. Sol.
Looke Sir.

O 'tis Martius.
Let's fetch him off, or make remaine alike.
They fight, and all enter the City.

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