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[Scene IV.]

Enter Coriolanus in meane Apparrell, Diſ-

guiſd, and muffled.

A goodly City is this Antium. Citty,
'Tis I that made thy Widdowes: Many an heyre
Of theſe faire Edifices fore my Warres
Haue I heard groane, and drop: Then know me not,
Leaſt that thy Wiues with Spits, and Boyes with ſtones
In puny Battell ſlay me. Saue you ſir.
Enter a Citizen.

And you.

Direct me, if it be your will, where great Auf-
fidius lies: Is he in Antium?

He is, and Feaſts the Nobles of the State, at his
houſe this night.

Which is his house, beſeech you?

This heere before you.

Thanke you ſir, farewell. Exit Citizen
Oh World, thy ſlippery turnes! Friends now faſt ſworn,
Whoſe double boſomes ſeemes to weare one heart,
Whoſe Houres, whoſe Bed, whoſe Meale and Exerciſe
Are ſtill together: who Twin (as 'twere) in Loue,
Vnſeparable, ſhall within this houre,
On a diſſention of a Doit, breake out
To bittereſt Enmity: So felleſt Foes,
Whoſe Paſſions, and whoſe Plots haue broke their ſleep
To take the one the other, by ſome chance,
Some tricke not worth an Egge, ſhall grow deere friends
And inter-ioyne their yſſues. So with me,
My Birth-place haue I, and my loues vpon
This Enemie Towne: Ile enter, ifhe ſlay me
He does faire Iuſtice: if he giue me way,
Ile do his Country Seruice. Exit.

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