Firſt you know, F2F3. First, you know Cornwall, Dyce, Sta. Wh. i, Cam.+, Whitelaw, Rlfe, Page, Beeching, Cholm. Herford, Gordon, Dtn, Craig, T. Brooke. First, you know, F4 et cet. Martius] Ff, Rowe, Pope, Han. (throughout). Marcius Theob. et cet. (throughout).

chiefe the chief Pope,+.

We know't, we know't We know't Ff, Rowe, Pope, Han.

Let it let't Rowe ii, Pope, Theob. Han. Warb.

one on F3F4 et seq.

humanely humanly F4, Rowe.

obiect abjectness Coll. iii. (MS.)

a gaine againe F2.

Pikes pitchforks Han.

Rakes Raks F2. Racks F3F4. wrecks Wray conj. (ap. Cam. ii.).

Martius. Martius? F3F4.

All 2 Cit. Malone et seq.

ſoft conſcienc'd Ff, Rowe, Var. '03, '13, '21, Sing. soft-conscienc'd Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Cap. Varr. Mal. Steev. Sta. soft-conscienced Knt et cet.

to pleaſe...partly proud to please...partly to be Han. Bell, Words. Huds. ii. partly to be proud Cap. Coll. MS. to please his mother partly and partly to be proud Ran. to please...portly proud Sta. conj. to please...pertly proud Lettsom (ap. Dyce ii.).

way ways Han. Warb.

within. without. Sta.

theſe thoſe Ff, Rowe,+, Bell. a'th] 'a th' F3. o' th' F4, Rowe,+. o'the Var. '73 et seq.

Soft, Soft—Rowe,+. Soft; Cap. Var. '78, '85, Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. Hal. Soft! Knt, Coll. Dyce, Sta. Ktly, Wh. Cam.+, Huds.

52. Scene ii. Pope, Han. Warb. Johns.

Enter... After l. 56 Dyce, Sta. Coll. iii, Words. Huds. ii.

wold Al...wer F1.

57-59. Prose in Pope, Han. Two lines verse ending go you...pray you. Theob et cet.

work's workes F2. works F3F4. Countrimen] Country-men F4. Countrymen Rowe et seq.

Bats your Bats Ff, Rowe, Pope, Han. matter] matter, F3F4. matter— Rowe, Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. matter? Johns. et seq.

2 Cit. Ff, Rowe,+, Var. '78, '85, Knt, Huds. i. (throughout). 1 Cit. Cap. et cet. (throughout).

intend intended Rowe ii.

ſhew em ſhew'm F3F4. shew 'em Rowe,+, Varr. Mal. shew them Cap. show 'em Steev. et seq.

64, 65. Prose in Pope, Han. Two lines ending Neighbours...ſelues? Theob. et cet.

you ye Var. '85.

you for... you. For... Johns. et seq. wants.] wants, F3F4 et seq.

ſuffering sufferings Rowe ii,+.

Heauen Heav'n Rowe. heavens Mason, Ran.

linke linkd F2. link'd F3F4, Rowe. links Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Johns.

impediment. For... impediment: for... Dyce, Sta.

o'th Ff, Rowe,+, Wh. i. o' the Cap. et cet.

vs? Ff. us! Cap. Dyce, Cam.+, Huds. Words. Neils. us?— Coll. Wh. i. us!— Rowe et cet. indeed,] Ff, Rowe, Pope, Han. Sta. Huds. indeed!— Theob. et cet. (subs.).

yet. yet:— Dyce.

wondrous wond'rous Rowe, Theob. Warb. Johns. Varr. Mal. Ran. Hal.

ſcale't stale't Theob. Han. Cap. Sing. Del. Dyce, Coll. ii, Sta. Hal. Ktly, Cam. Wh. Huds. Knt ii, C. Clarke, Words. Neils. Rlfe, Beeching, Cholmeley, Chambers, Dtn, Verity, Gordon.

Well...deliuer As prose Cap. et seq.

Ile We'll Han. Sir:] Sir— Rowe,+.

yet But yet Han.

diſgrace disgraces Theob.+.

and't an't Theob. ii et seq. deliuer] deliver it Ktly conj.

a th' o' th' F4.

vnactiue inactive Var. '03, '13, '21, Sing. Hal.

cubbording cupbording Rowe ii. cup-boarding Pope et seq.

And...participate, Ff, Rowe,+, Cap. Var. '78, '85. And...participate; Knt, Huds. i. And...participant, Huds. ii. And,...participate, Mal. et cet.

Of the whole...Well ſir, As one line Walker (Crit., iii, 206).

body, body. Rowe,+. anſwer'd] anſwer. F2. anſwers. F3. answered— Rowe,+, Ktly, Neils. answer'd,— Cap. et cet.

Belly. belly? Rowe et seq.

you with Ff, Rowe, Pope. you: with Han. Cap. you. With Sing. ii, Cam.+, Neils. you.—With Theob. et cet.

thus: thus— Rowe,+.

taintingly tantingly F2F3. tauntingly F4.

fitly, fitly Cap. et cet.

ſuch Om. Steev. conj. you.] you— Rowe,+. you,— Var. '73.

anſwer: What Ff. answer— What Rowe, Pope. answer—What! Theob. Warb. Johns. Var. '73. answer —what? Han. answer: What? Sing. i. answer? What! Coll. Dyce, Hal. Wh. Cam.+. answer. What! Ktly. answer? What? Huds. answer: What! Cap. et cet.

Kingly crown'd Ff, Rowe. kingly crowned Pope, Han. Coll. kingly-crowned Theob. ii et cet. (kingly-crownèd Dyce).

Counſailor Counſellor F3F4.

Our Or Warb. (misprint).

124, 125. Foreme...What then? What then?] As one line Cap. et seq.

Foreme F2F3. For me F4, Rowe, Pope, Han. 'Fore me Theob. et cet. ſpeakes.] speaks!— Cap. et seq.

a th' o'th' F4. body.] body— Rowe,+. body,— Cap. Varr. Mal. Steev. Varr.

Well, Well— Rowe,+.

former foresaid Words. lordlier L. Campbell. Agents] Agent F2.

you haue you've Words.

awhile F2, Dyce, Cam.+, Huds. ii, Words. a while F3F4 et cet. you'ſt] Ff, Rowe i, Dyce i, Neils. you's Schmidt. you'll Rowe ii et cet.

Y'are Ff, Rowe,+, Coll. Del. Sing. ii, Ktly, Wh. i, Huds. i. You're Cap. Dyce i, Sta. Cam. Craig. You are Varr. Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. i, Knt, Hal. Ye're Dyce ii, Glo. Cla. Wh. ii, Words. Huds. ii, Neils.

this good... this, good... F4 et seq.

But, But F3F4 et seq.

the Heart, the heart,— Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. Dyce, Sta. Hal. of the heart Ktly conj. the center'd heart Lettsom (ap. Dyce ii.). o'th'Braine] th' high-seated brain Lettsom (ap. Dyce ii.).

at once (You...Friends at once',—You,...friends, Cla.

You...this...Belly You...this ...Belly) Rowe,+, Varr. Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt, Hal. You,... this...belly; Cap. You,...this...belly, Coll. Del. i, Huds. You,...—this... belly, Dyce, Sta. Ktly, Wh. i, Com. Glo. Del. ii, Words. Craig, Neils.

me. Ff. me— Rowe,+, Var. '78, Ran. Ktly. me,— Cap. et cet.

Flowre F2. Flowr F3F4. flow'r Rowe,+. flower Cap. Varr. Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. Del. i, Coll. ii, Hal. flour Knt et cet.

too't toot F2. to't F3F4.

anſwer, Ff. answer— Rowe, Pope, Han. answer;— Theob. Warb. answer. Johns. Coll. Del. Sta. Ktly, Wh. i, Neils. answer: Cap. et cet.

Cares Care Ff, Rowe. diſgeſt] Ff, Beeching. digest Rowe et cet.

a'th o'th' F4, Rowe,+, Wh. i. of the Sing. Ktly. o'the Cap. et cet.

thinke? think,— Dyce, Cam.+ (subs.).

goeſt go'st Cap. Var. '78 et seq.

Thou...vantage Deleted Coll. MS.

worſt in blood first from blows Han. first in blood Cap.

blood to run, Lead'ſt firſt blood to run, Lead'st first, Theob. Warb. Johns. Cap. Mal. Knt. blood, to ruin, Lead'st first, Var. '73. blood, to run, Lead'st first, Ran. blood, to run Lead'st first, Var. '78, '85, Steev. Varr.

Rome,...Rats, Rome...rats Rowe et seq.

baile bale Theob. Warb. Johns. Cap. Varr. Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt, Coll. Del. Sta. Ktly. bane Han. Scene III. Pope, Han. Warb. Johns.

The one...Thanks One line Ktly.

Enter Caius Martius After l.

171 Cap. After 174 Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt, Coll. Del. Hal. Ktly, Huds. i. Enter Caius Marcius Coriolanus. Johns. Var. '73.

rogues...Scabs. rogues?... Scabs, Rowe, Pope. F3F4. rogues,... scabs? Theob. et seq.

thee ye Dyce, Coll. iii, Words. Huds. ii.

you haue haue Var. '78.

you ye Rowe,+.

like nor like not F3F4, Rowe, Pope, Han. Johns. likes not Warb.

makes you makes yon F2. to you] you Var. '03, '13, '21, Sing. i. your...your Rowe ii. (misprint).

Geeſe you are Ff, Rowe, Pope, Han. geese. You are Ktly, Neils. geese: You are Theob. et cet.

ſubdues ſudducs F2.

Iuſtice Justice, Rowe, Theob. Warb. Johns. Var. '73.

ſickmans ſick mans F4. sick man's Rowe et seq.

deſires...Which most desires That Words.

Oakes, Oaks F4 et seq. Hang ye:truſt ye?] Hang ye— Trust ye? Rowe,+. Trust ye? Hang ye! Huds. ii, Words. (Coleridge). Hang ye! Trust ye? Cap. et cet.

a Minde your mind Huds. ii. (Coll. MS.).

vilde F2F3. vild Del. i. vile F4, Rowe et cet. was] wore Anon. MS. (in Capell's copy of F3).

theſe the Rowe,+.

What's their What is't they're Mal. conj. (withdrawn).

they thy Rowe ii. (misprint).

They ſay? They say!— Rowe,+. (Thy... Rowe ii.).

i'th Ff, Rowe,+, Wh. i. i'the Cap. et cet.

Who thriues Om. Han. Cap.

feebling feeble Theob. ii, Warb. Johns.

They ſay...Lance Lines end: grain...aſide...make...ſlaues...lance. Han.

They ſay F2F3, Pope, Han. Dyce. They ſay, F4, Rowe et cet.

picke pitch Rowe,+, Cap. Var. '78, '85. pick Mal. et seq.

almoſt all most Coll. ii, iii. (MS.), Sing. ii, Ktly, Wh. i. thoroughly] throughly F4, Rowe i.

214, 215. Lines end: theſe...for... diſcretion Han.

though although Han.

But Om. Han.

Hang em Om. Han.

Hunger-broke Hunger broke F3F4.

220-222. wals:...eate...mouths....onely:] walls—,—...mouths—...only— Rowe,+, Var. '78, '85, Sta.

ſent send Johns. Var. '73.

To breake...pale, In parentheses Cap. et seq.

a'th o'th' F4, Rowe,+. o'the Cap. et seq.

Shooting Ff, Rowe i. Suiting Rowe ii. Shouting Pope et seq.

them Om. Han.

Tribunes Tributes F2.

One's One of them's Han.

Brutus, Brutus, an other Ktly conj. Brutus, one Huds. ii. (Walker).

not. not— Rowe et seq. Sdeath] Heaven! Wordsworth.

vnroo'ſt unroost Rowe, Pope. unrooſ'd Theob. et seq.

home home, F4.

Heere: Here— Rowe, Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Here. Johns. Var. '73.

Volcies F2F3. Volſcies F4, Rowe. Volscians Pope,+. Volcians Cap. Volces Var. '78, '85, Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt. Volsces Coll. et seq.

ha F2F3. ha' Dyce, Cam.+, Huds. ii. have F4 et cet.

See Ff. See! Han. See, Rowe et cet.

245. Scene iv. Pope, Han. Warb. Johns.

245, 246. Enter Sicinius...other Senatours.] Ff, Rowe,+. Enter certain Senators, Cominius, Titus Lartius, Brutus, and Sicinius. Cap. Enter Cominius, Titus Lartius, with other Senators; Junius Brutus and Sicinius Velutus. Var. '78 et seq. (subs.).

Annius Junius F4 et seq. Cominisn] F1.

Lartius Lucius F4.

Volces Var. '78, '85, Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt. Volcies F3. Volſcies F4, Rowe. Volscians Pope,+. Volcians Cap. Volsces Coll. et seq.

too't to't F4.

I would I could F4, Rowe. I'd Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. he] him Han.

You haue You've Huds. ii, Words. together?] Rowe, Pope,+, Cla. Cam. ii, Herford, Neils. together. Cap. et cet.

Martius Matrius F4.

Lucius Lartius Rowe.

Tullus Tullus's F4, Rowe i. Tullius's Rowe ii. Tulliu' Pope i. (misprint). Tullius' Pope ii. et seq.

with tother with t'other F4. Rowe,+. Knt, Dyce, Sing. ii, Ktly, Wh. i, Huds. ii, Cam.+, Words. Craig, Neils. wi' the other Cap. with the other Var. '73 et cet.

272-274. Om. Words.

Tit. Lead...Follow... Tit. [To Com.] Lead... [To Mar.] Follow... Cam.+, Dyce ii, Huds. ii, Craig, Neils.

Lead...Priority Lines end: on...followe you...Priority. Pope et seq.

you Priority your Prioritie F4. your priority Rowe, Pope, Han. Mason, Coll. MS.

Martius Ff, Rowe, Pope, Knt, Coll. Del. Dyce, Sta. Wh. i. Lartius!— Theob. et cet.

Sen. 1 Sen. Rowe et seq. homes,] homes— Rowe, Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. homes. Johns. Var. '73. [To the Citizens. Rowe et seq.

Nay Om. Rowe, Pope.

Volces F2. Var. '78, '85, Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt. Volcies F3. Volſcies F4, Rowe. Volscians Pope,+. Volcians Cap. Volsces Coll. et cet.

Mutiners Ff, Del. Sta. Cam. Neils. mutineers Rowe et cet.

Pray I pray Han. follow.] follow on. Words.

279, 280. Exeunt. Citizens ſteale away. Manet Sicin. & Brutus.] Exeunt ...Manent Sicinius & Brutus. Ff, Rowe, Pope,+, Varr. Ran. Exeunt all except Brutus and Sicinius. The Citizens steal away. Dyce ii, Words. Huds. ii. Citizens steal away. Exeunt all but Sicinius and Brutus. Cam.+. Exeunt Senators, Com. Mar. Tit. and Menenius; Citizens steal away. Cap. et cet.

people. people— F3F4, Rowe,+. people,— Cap. et seq.

Gods. Gods— Pope,+.

Moone. moon— Theob. Warb. Johns.

288, 289. Om. Words. (reading And such... l. 290).

The...him, Ff, Rowe, Pope. The...him! Han. Ran. Wh. i, Schmidt, Cla. Cam. ii, Dtn, Sherman, Neils. The...him: Mal. et cet. (subs.).

Warres war Huds. ii.

Too proud...aymes, Five lines, verse, ending lines: nature... ſhadow...wonder...commanded...aymes, Pope et seq.

to be of being Han.

at the...grac'd In parentheses, Ktly. the which...whom] which... which Han. the which...which Cap. Ran.

In...grac'd In parentheses, Cap. Var. '78, '85, Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. Dyce, Sta. Hal. Huds. Words. he's] Dyce, Sta. Cam.+, Huds. Neils. he is Ff et cet.

be he F2F3.

To th' Ff, Dyce ii, Wh. i, Huds. Words. To the Rowe et cet.

of on Cap. Var. '78, '85.

buſineſſe. business— Rowe,+. business! Cap. et seq.

Beſides And Han.

Of his...Come As one line Theob. et seq.

demerits due merits Leo conj.

Cominius Cominius's F4, Rowe. Cominius' Pope et seq.

earn'd earn Han.

ought Ff, Rowe, Pope, Theob. i, Han. Cap. aught Theob. ii. et cet.

faſhion F2F3, Leo. faſhion, F4 et cet.

his this Han. Leo. in Var. '03, '13, '21, Sing. i, Knt, Hal.

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