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you. you; come. Words. Scene ii. Cap. et seq. Scene v. Pope,+. The Capitol. Pope,+, Var. '78, '85, Ran. The Same. The Senate-House. Cap. The Same. The Capitol. Mal. et seq.

1-36. Om. Bell.

to lay laying Cap.

as...Capitoll. Om. Pope et seq.

it were Om. Rowe.

Capitoll Capitall F2. Capitol F3F4.

hath have F4 et seq.

lets he lets Han. Cap. Ran. Ktly.

17-24. Mnemonic Warb.

hee waued he'd wave Blackstone. he'd waved Lettsom, Huds. ii. he waived Abbott (Grammar, 361).

nor no Var. '73.

aſſent aſcent Ff. thoſe] theirs Han. Cap. Ran.

hauing have Rowe,+, Cap. Var. '78, '85.

People, Bonnetted,...all into people bonnetted,...all into Han. peo- ple, unbonnetted...all into Johns. conj. people, bonnetted, . . . all, into Del. Schmidt.

haue heave Pope,+, Cap. Var. '78, '85, Steev. Var. '03, '13, Sta. John Hunter, Dyce ii, Coll. iii, Words.

hee's F2F3. he's F4, Dyce, Sta. Hal. Cam.+. he is Rowe et cet. Scene vi. Pope, Han. Warb. Johns.

Sennet. Sonnet. Ff. Om. Pope,+.

Enter the...themſelues Ff, Rowe,+, Ktly. Enter with Lictors before them, Coriolanus, Menenius, Cominius, divers other Senators, Brutus, and Sicinius: Senators take their seats; Tribunes theirs by themselves. Cap. Enter with Lictors before them, Cominius the Consul, Menenius, Coriolanus, many other Senators, Sicinius and Brutus. The Senators take their places; the Tribunes take theirs also by themselves. Mal. et cet.

Scicinius Sicinius Ff. Brutus] Brutus, as Tribunes, Varr. Ran.

Coriolanus ſtands. Ff, Cam.+. Om. Rowe et cet.

Hauing...And As one line Pope et seq. (exc. Knt, Sta.).

Volces Volcies F3. Volſcies F4, Rowe. Volscians Pope,+. Volcians Cap. Volsces Coll. et seq.

Lartius Lucius F4 (throughout).

To...that As one line Pope et seq. (exc. Knt, Sta.).

Martius Caius Ff. Caius Martius Rowe, Pope, Theob. i. Caius Marcius Theob. ii. et seq.

We met Ff, Rowe, Pope, Theob. Warb. Johns. Cam.+. we are met Cap. Ktly. we're met Wh. ii. we've met Anon. ap. Cam. we meet Han. et cet.

53. [Coriolanus sits. Neils.

ſtates ſtate's F4.

we to that we Han. Maſters...] [to the Tribunes] Masters... Cam.+, Dyce ii, Words. Huds. ii, Craig, Neils. a'th'] o'th' F4, Rowe, Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Johns. Wh. o'the Cap. et cet.

eares eare F2. ear F3F4, Rowe,+, Var. '78, '85, Ran. ears Mal. et seq.

what to what Han.

61-72. As verse, ending lines: con- uented...hearts...aduance...rather...remember...then...that's off: ...Pleaſe you... willingly...pertinent...People...Bed-fellow Pope et seq.

our your Warb. conj.

bleſt bless'd Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt, Dyce i, Sta. Hal. Wh. Cam.+, Craig. blessed Coll. Del. prest Sing. ii. (MS.), Coll. ii. (MS.), Huds. i. biass'd Badham. pleased Nicholson (ap. Cam.).

hereto hitherto Rowe,+.

giue it give Pope, Han. giv't Words.

Coriolanus...away. To Coriolanus, who rises, and is going out. Cap. riſes, and] Om. Cam.+.

Senat. 1. S. Cap. First Sen. Dyce, Cam.+, Craig. 1 Sen. Rowe et cet.

Sit Sir, Ff, Rowe.

Honors Ff. honour's Rowe, Pope, Han. honours' Theob. et cet.

Then...I hope As one line Pope et seq.

yet yes F2.

ſooth'd ſooth Pope,+.

weigh Ff, Rowe, Pope, Theob. Warb. Johns. weigh. Han. et cet.

i'th' Ff, Rowe,+, Wh. i. i'the Cap. et cet.

Alarum 'larum Words.

Coriolanus Om. Cam.+.

of the Ff, Rowe,+, Col. Dyce, Sta. Wh. Cam.+. o'the Cap. et cet.

That', In parentheses Cap. et seq. one,] one? Rowe,+. now] Om. Pope,+.

on ones one on's F3, Coll. Dyce, Sta. Wh. Cam.+, Huds. Words. Craig, Neils. one o's F4. one of's Rowe,+, Cap. one of his Var. '78, '85, Ran. Mal. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt, Del. Hal. one on his Ktly.

heare it hear't Pope,+, Dyce ii, Huds. ii.

Should Sould F2. feebly: it] feebly. It Rowe et seq.

That Valour...And As one line Ff et seq. (exc. Knt, Sta.).

Shinne Chin F3F4 et seq.

brizled bristled Rowe et seq.

i'th' Ff, Rowe,+, Wh. i. i'the Cap. et cet.

beſt th' best Theob. ii, Warb. Johns. the best Var. '73. i'th'] Ff, Rowe,+, Wh. i. i'the Cap. et cet.

Pupill age Pupil-age Ff, Rowe, Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Dyce, Huds. ii, Words.

Man-entred man-enter'd Johns. et seq. waxed] wated F2. waited F3F4, Rowe.

of Om. Var. '85 (misprint).

of the Knt, Coll. Dyce, Wh. Cam.+. o'th' Ff, Rowe,+. o'the Cap. et cet.

Corioles Ktly, Schmidt. Coriolus Ff, Rowe. Corioli Pope et cet.

Weeds Waues Ff. Rowe,+, Cap. Varr. Steev. Var. '03, '13, Sing. Hal. Words. Huds. ii. (Wayes F4, Methuen facsimile).

Stem stern Pope,+, Cap.

his Sword...tooke Om. Words. foot: He tooke;... to foot He (Tyrwhitt), Var. '78 et seq.

tim'd trim'd F2. trimm'd F3F4, Rowe. tun'd Coll. MS. timed Cam.+.

mortall Gate...he painted gate... he mortal painted Han. mortall] mural G. Gould.

of th' o'th' Ff, Rowe,+. of the Coll. Del. Dyce, Sta. Wh. Words. Cam.+. o'the Cap. et cet. painted] parted Ktly.

deſtinie defamy Ff, Rowe.

Carioles Coriolus Ff, Rowe. Corioles Ktly, Schmidt, Craig. Corioli Pope et cet.

now all's his now all's this Ff. nor all's this Rowe,+. nor's this all Han.

When...then For...when Rowe, Pope,+. if As one line Ff et seq. reeking] recking F2.

panting painting F2F3.

fit fill Han.

137, 138. As verse Rowe et seq.

Our All our Han. kickt] keck'd Badham (Sh. Crit.).

of the Sta. Dyce, Cam.+, Words. Neils. o'th' Ff, Rowe,+, Wh. i. o'the Cap. et cet. Om. Words.

is his Han. (misprint).

the his Rowe,+, Var. '78, '85, Ran.

143-145. Lines end: Noble...Coriolanus Pope et seq.

Senat. 1. S. Cap. Coriolanus] for Coriolanus Steev. Var. '03, '13.

148-153. As verse, ending lines: pleas'd...ſ, Rowe ii. et seq.

the th' Rowe ii,+.

I doe I Pope,+.

156-162. Lines end: Pleaſe you... People...bate...too't:...And Capell et seq. (exc. Knt, Sta.).

Wounds wounds' Theob. et seq. ſufferage] F3, Sta. Ktly. ſuffer- age F2. suffrages Rowe,+. suffrage F4 et cet.

paſſe overpass Han.

the People muſt but the people too must Han.

Neyther Nor Pope,+.

160, 161. As one line, reading: Pray fit you Pope,+.

you goe fit you go, fit Var. '78. you, go fit Var. '73 et cet.

to you t'ye Pope,+.

163-166. Lines end: part...well...that Pope et seq.

your the Han.

that. that? Rowe ii. et seq.

vnaking Ff, Rowe,+, Cap. Varr. Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. i. unaching Knt et seq.

ſhould would Rowe,+.

to you t'ye Pope,+. through or thro you Cowden Clarkes conj.

purpoſe to them, and... purpose and to them:... Han. purpose. To them and... Johns. purpose;—to them and... Mason, Coll. Huds. i.

Senat. Sic. Rowe ii, Pope. Senators. Dyce, Cam.+.

Flouriſh...Brutus. Flourish. Exeunt Senators. Cap. Coll. Del. Wh. i. Flourish. Then exeunt Senators. Mal. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt, Hal. Ktly, Huds. i. Flourish. Exeunt all except Sicinius and Brutus. Dyce, Sta. Cam.+, Huds. ii, Craig, Neils.

Manet Manent F4.

perceiue's perceive his Cap. Varr. Ran. Mal. Varr. Sing. Knt, Del. Hal. Ktly.

intent: he wil intent: He will F4, Rowe, Pope. intent. He that will Var. '03, '13. intent! He will Theob. et cet.

heere on Ff, Rowe, Pope. here. On Johns. Var. '73, Ktly, Neils. here: on Theob. et cet.

vs. us. [Exeunt. Rowe et seq. Scene iii. Cap. et seq. Scene vii. Pope, Han. Warb. Johns. The Forum. Var. '73, '78, '85, Ran. The Same. The Market-Place. Knt. The Same. The Forum. Cap. et cet.

ſeuen or eight... Ff, Rowe,+, Varr. Ran. Cam.+, Neils. a number of... Cap. several... Mal. et cet.

Once Ff, Rowe. Oons! Pope. Once for all Bell. Once, Theob. et cet.

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