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humane human Rowe, Pope.

to too Ff.

402, 403. Lines end: Menenius... officer Pope et seq.

Market place forum Pope,+ (—Var. '73).

Where Where, F4 et seq.

408-412. Lines end: Let me...what... to him (reading let us, l 412) Cap. Dyce, ii, Words. Huds. ii.

Ile I'll go and Han. you] you there Ktly.

410-412. Om. Bell.

your you F3. [To the Senators. Han. Johns. Var. '73 et seq.

worſt worse Warb. Johns. Knt.

Sena. 1. Sen. Rowe et seq. you] Om. Pope,+. Scene ii. Cap. et seq. Scene v. Pope, Han. Warb. Johns. The House of Coriolanus. Pope, Han. Scene changes to Coriolanus's House. Theob. Warb. Johns. Var. '73. The Same. A Hall in Coriolanus's House. Cap. Coriolanus's House. Var. '78, '85, Ran. A Room in Coriolanus's House. Mal. et seq.

with Nobles. Ff, Rowe,+, Neils. and Volumnia. Bell. with Patricians. Var. '78, '85, Ran. Cam.+. and Patricians. Cap. et cet.

them....the Nobler. them. Vol. But hear me, Marcius. Bell.

Enter Volumnia. After Warre, l.

16 Coll. ii. (MS.), Dyce, Sta. Cam.+, Words. Craig. after you, l. 16, and reading: to Vol. who enters. Ktly. ...coming slowly forward. Coll. iii.

Noble. Ff, Rowe,+, Neils. Pat. Cap. Var. '78, '85, Ran. First Pat. Dyce, Words. A Patrician. Cam.+. Volum. Bell. 1. Pat. Mal. et cet. Nobler.] nobler part. Ktly.

further farther Coll. Wh. i.

Wollen woolen Rowe.

13, 14. heads In Congregations, to yawne,] heads, In congregations to yawn, Schmidt.

to yawne yawn Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Johns.

Warre. Warre, F2F3. War, F4, Rowe. war; Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Var. '73. war:— Cap. [To his Mother. Han. [To Vol. Johns. Varr. Ran. Mal. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt, Coll. Del. Wh. Neils.

Falſe...ſay As one line, and reading: ...nature, mother? Lettsom.

The Truly the Han. Huds. ii, Words. Nobly the Cap.

ſir, ſir, ſir, son, son, son! Coll. ii, iii. (MS.).

Let go Lets go F3. Let's go F4, Rowe, Pope, Theob. Warb. Johns. Var. '73. Why, let it go. Han. Cap. Let it go all Ritson. Let go, let go. Lettsom, Anon. ap. Cam. i, Words.

Leſſer less Anon. ap. Cam.

things of Ff, Schmidt. things that thwart Rowe, Pope, Han. thwartings of Theob. et cet.

diſpoſitions disposition Han.

ye Ff, Rowe, Pope, Theob. Dyce, Sta. Cam.+, Words. Huds. ii, Neils. you Han. et cet.

with the Ff, Rowe,+, Varr. Ran. Cam. Cla. Neils. and Cap. et cet.

32, 33. As two lines, ending: rough Pope et seq.

you haue you've Pope,+, Dyce ii, Words. Huds. ii.

Sen. 1. S. Cap. 1. Sen. Mal. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt, Coll. Del. Sta. Hal. Ktly, Wh. First Sen. Dyce.

as little apt of mettle apt Sta. (conj.), Gordon, Craig ii. as tickleshaped P. A. Daniel. of mettle, apt Craig i. as tickle-apt Huds. ii. (Daniel conj.). as little warp'd Bulloch.

as yours, as your's To brook reproof without the use of anger, Coll. ii. as your's To brook control without the use of anger Coll. iii. (MS.). as yours to yield Ktly.

to'th'heart Ff, Rowe, Pope, Schmidt. to th' herd Theob. Han. Warb. Johns. Wh. i, Dyce ii, Huds. Words. o' the heart Coll. ii. (MS.). to the herd Cap. et cet.

a'th' o'th' F4, Rowe,+, Wh. i. o' the Cap. et cet. time] times Rowe,+.

I would I'd Pope+, Sta. Dyce ii, Words. Huds. ii. mine] my Hal.

What...Well As one line Cap. Steev. Var. '03, '13, Sing. Knt, Hal. Ktly.

For them, For them? F3F4, Rowe et seq. to the] for the Rowe,+.

Noble,...ſpeake. noble.... speak, Var. '78, '85. noble;...speak— Del. noble,...speak,— Ktly. noble.... speak— Id. conj.

I haue I've Pope,+, Dyce ii, Words. Huds. ii.

I'th' I'the Cap. et seq. together] toge'r Badham.

of them o' them Var. '73. looſe] loses Pope,+.

61-66. Om. Bell.

adopt adapt F4. call Pope,+ (—Var. '73). is it] is't Pope,+.

It...Becauſe As one line Cap. Var. '78, '85, Ran. Sta.

68-73. Lines end: ſpeake...inſ Mal. et seq.

68, 69. As one line (omitting that Now) Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Johns. As one line Var. '73.

you on on you Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Johns. Cap. Wh. i.

your heart your own heart Badham, Huds. ii. you] you to Ff, Rowe,+, Cap. Ran. Steev. Var. '03, '13, Sing. Hal. Words. you with Ktly.

That are...Syllables But roted in your tongue, bastards and Syllables Pope,+. That are but rooted in your tongue, but bastards Cap. Var. '73. As one line, omitting Though Var. '78, '85, Ran. That are but roted on... thought's bastards, and but... Badham, Huds. ii. that are but rooted...naught but... Jervis. that are but rooted in... thorough bastards, and... Cartwright (N. & Q., June 20, 1868). that are but rooted but bastards, and... J. Wetherill (N. & Q., June 27, 1868).

roated rooted Johns. Cap. Dyce, Glo. Cla. Wh. ii, Words. Gordon, Craig. in] on Han.

Though...allowance, not privy Words.

allowance alliance Johns. conj. Cap.

75-78. Om. Bell.

I am I'm Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Johns.

Sonne:...Nobles, son,...nobles.— Theob. (Warb.), Han. Johns. son,... nobles; Cap. et seq.

'em them Mal. Steev. Varr. Sing. i, Knt, Hal.

Not...but As one line, and reading Not only Ktly.

pry thee pre thee F2. prithee F3F4, Rowe, Knt, Dyce. pr'ythee Pope et cet.

92-105. Mnemonic Warb.

this thy Mal. conj. Ran.

be with bow to Anon. ap. Cam.

head hand Warb. Han.

Which...thusWhich, often; thus Wh. Often thus, which Ktly. Which often] And often Cap. With often Johns. conj. Varr. Ran. While often Sta. conj. whiles-often Nicholson ap. Cam.

often thus Ff, Rowe i. soften thus Warb. Han. Cap. often; thus Wh. often, thus, Rowe ii. et cet.

Now...That That...Now Var. '03, '21. That Mason conj. Words. Huds. ii. Now's...That Coll. MS. Bow,...

or Om. Han. Mitford, Ktly, Wh. Leo, Dyce ii, Schmidt, Words. Huds. ii.

they them Han.

ſpeakes speaks it Cap. Dyce ii, Words. Huds. ii.

their all their Pope,+, Steev. Var. '03, '13, Ktly.

Volum....Bower Om. Bell.

thou hadſt thou'dst Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Johns.

112, 113. Mnemonic Warb.

in to Rowe i. fierie] firy Mal. Var. '21.

Then...Cominius As one line Cap. et seq.

I haue I've Theob. Warb. Johns. Dyce ii, Words. Huds. ii. i'th'] Ff, Rowe,+, Wh. i. i'the Cap. et cet.

make have Rowe,+.

118-121. Lines end: ſerue...will. Sta. Lines end: he...will Rowe ii. et cet.

Muſt I...Muſt I As one line Cap. Varr. Ran. Mal. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt, Dyce, Hal. Ktly, Cam. Words. Neils.

vnbarb'd unbarbed Rowe,+, Coll. Del. Wh. Huds. Glo. Craig.

I with Om. Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Johns. with my] Ktly conj. Glo. Wh. ii, Cholmeley, Herford, Dtn. Noble] Om. Huds. ii.

beare well? bear? well Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. bear? Well Johns. et seq.

Plot, to looſe Ff, Rowe, Pope. pelt to lose Han. plot to lose, Theob. et cet.

grinde bring Rowe.

throw't throw it Varr. Ran. Mal. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt, Hal. Ktly.

You haue you've Pope,+.

I prythee Ay, pr'ythee Rowe,+. I pr'ythee Cap. et cet.

137-157. Mnemonic Warb.

137-149. Mnemonic Pope.

Drumme...Pipe, drum,...pipe, Rowe. drum...voice Words. drum,... pipe Pope et cet.

Eunuch eunuch's Han. Dyce ii, Huds. ii, Neils.

Virgin virgin's Warb. Johns. Var. '73.

The...ſight Om. Bell.

lull Ff, Dtn, Neils. lulls Rowe et cet.

ſight fight F2.

Who Which Pope,+.

ſuck'ſt suck'dst Rowe ii. et seq.

owe owne F2. own F3F4, Rowe,+, Cap. Var. '78, Ran. ow'st Coll. iii. (MS.). owest Huds. ii.

I am I'm Pope,+.

I'th Ff, Rowe,+, Wh. i. I'the Cap. et cet. further] farther Coll. Wh. i.

Exit Volumnia. Exit. Cap. et seq.

Away...arm As one line Pope et seq.

167-175. Om. Bell.

they are they're Pope,+.

Mildely. mildly be it then! Ktly. mildly. Come on. Words.

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