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68, 69. Come, come, come. Mene. Fie, fie, fie.] Come, come, fie, fie. Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Come, come. Mene. Fie, fie, fie. Johns. Come, come. Mene. Fie, fie. Words. (Dyce ii. conj.). Scene iii. Pope et seq. Scene ii. Rowe. Antium. Rowe,+. Volcian Territories. A Highway. Cap. Between Rome and Antium. Var. '78, '85, Ran. A Highway between Rome and Antium. Mal. et seq.

1-51. Om. Bell.

Enter a Roman, and a... Enter a Roman and a..., meeting. Cap. et seq. a Roman] Nicanor Sta. (throughout). Volce] F2, Var. '78, '85, Ran. Mal. Steev. Varr. Volcie F3. Volſcie F4, Rowe. Volscian Pope,+. Volcian Cap. Adrian Sta. (throughout). Volsce Coll. et cet.

ſir, truly Ff, Rowe, Pope, Han. Sir. Truly Johns. Var. '73. Sir: truly, Theob. et cet.

and but Pope,+.

'em them Mal. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt, Hal.

is has Mal. conj.

appear'd affear'd Han. appeal'd Warb. approv'd Steev. conj. Coll. ii, iii. (MS.), Dyce ii, Huds. i, Leo, Glo. Hunter, Words. Craig, Chambers, Cholmeley, Gordon. appay'd Sing.

Volcean F2F3. Volcian Cap. Var. '78, '85, Ran. Mal. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt. Volſcian F4 et cet.

there here Ff, Rowe.

hath have Var. '73.

Inſurrections insurrection Var. '78, '85, Ran. Mal. Steev. Varr. Sing. Coll. i, ii, Hal. Ktly, Wh. i, Huds. i, Words.

is it it is Var. '73.

falne fallen Rowe et seq.

well appeare will appeare Ff.

of his with his Han.

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