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th'entertainment the entertainment Rowe et seq.

heartily heartly F2. heart'ly F3F4.

from for me Warb. Scene iv. Cap. et seq. Scene continued Ff, Rowe+. Antium. Before Aufidius's House. Cap. et seq. (subs.).

fore for Ff, Rowe, Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Cap. Var. '78, '85, Ran. 'fore Johns. Var. '73, Mal. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt, Coll. Del. Dyce, Sta. Hal. Ktly, Wh. Cam. Huds.

and an F2.

Enter... Ff, Rowe, Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. After me, l. 8 Dyce, Sta. Cam.+, Words. After l. 7 Johns. et cet.

10-15. As verse, ending lines: will... Cap. et seq.

11-14. As verse, ending lines: great ...Antium...State...night Johns.

at his At's Wh. i.

beſeech I beseech Rowe,+ (—Var. '73). 'beseech Cap. Varr. Ran. Mal. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt, Hal. Ktly, Huds.

This heere Ff, Rowe,+. This, here Coll. Sta. Wh. Glo. Cla. This, here, Theob. et cet.

Oh World...yſſues Mnemonic Warb.

ſeemes ſeene...on F2. ſeen...on F3. ſeem F4 et seq.

Houres house Coll. ii, iii. (MS.), Dyce, Wh. Huds. Glo. Words. Rlfe.

Twin Twine Ff, Rowe,+ (—Var. '73).

Birth-place Birth-lace F2F3. haue I,] hate I, Cap. et seq. loues] louer F2F3. lover left; F4. lovers left Rowe,+ (—Var. '73). love's Cap. et seq.

vpon Om. Pope,+ (—Var. '73).

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