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e. Negative Particles

nōn, not (in simple denial); haud , minimē, not (in contradiction); , not (in prohibition); nēve , neu, nor; nēdum, much less.

, lest; neque , nec, nor; ... quidem, not even.

nōn modo ... vērum ( sed ) etiam, not only ... but also.

nōn modo ... sed ... quidem, not only NOT ... but not even.

minus, if not; quō minus ( quōminus ), so as not.

quīn (relative), but that; (interrogative), why not?

, nec (in composition), not; so in nesciō, I know not; negō, I say no (âiō, I say yes); negōtium, business († nec-ōtium ); nēmō (- and hemō, old form of homō), no one; quis, lest any one; neque enim, for ... not.

For the use of Negative Particles, see § 325 ff.

For the Syntax and Peculiar uses of Adverbs, see § 320 ff.

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