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313. The distributives quisque (every), uterque (each of two), and ūnus quisque (every single one) are used in general assertions:—
  1. bonus liber melior est quisque quō mâior (Plin. Ep. 1.20.4) , the larger a good book is, the better (each good book is better in proportion, etc.).
  2. ambō exercitūs suās quisque abeunt domōs (Liv. 2.7.1) , both armies go away, every man to his home.
  3. uterque utrīque erat exercitus in cōnspectū; (B. G. 7.35), each army was in sight of the other (each to each).
  4. pōnite ante oculōs ūnum quemque rēgum (Par. 1.11) , set before your eyes each of the kings.

a. Quisque regularly stands in a dependent clause, if there is one:—

  1. quō quisque est sollertior, hōc docet īrācundius (Rosc. Com. 31) , the keenerwitted a man is, the more impatiently he teaches.

Note.-- Quisque is generally postpositive

1: as, suum cuique, to every man his own.

b. Quisque is idiomatically used with superlatives and with ordinal numerals:—

  1. nōbilissimus quisque, all the noblest (one after the other in the order of their nobility).2
  2. prīmō quōque tempore (Rosc. Am. 36) , at the very first opportunity.
  3. antīquissimum quodque tempus (B. G. 1.45) , the most ancient times.
  4. decimus quisque (id. 5.52), one in ten.

Note 1.--Two superlatives with quisque imply a proportion: as, “sapientissimus quisque aequissimō animō moritur(Cat. M. 83) , the wisest men die with the greatest equanimity.

Note 2.-- Quotus quisque has the signification of how many, pray? often in a disparaging sense (how few):—

  1. quotus enim quisque disertus? quotus quisque iūris perītus est (Planc. 62) , for how few are eloquent! how few are learned in the law!
  2. quotus enim istud quisque fēcisset (Lig. 26) , for how many would have done this? [i.e. scarcely anybody would have done it].

1 That is, it does not stand first in its clause.

2 As, in taking things one by one off a pile, each thing is uppermost when you take it.

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