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372. Intransitive verbs that govern the dative are used impersonally in the passive (§ 208. d). The dative is retained (cf. § 365):
  1. cui parcī potuit (Liv. 21.14) , who could be spared?
  2. nōn modo nōn invidētur illī aetātī vērum etiam favētur (Off. 2.45) , that age (youth) not only is not envied, but is even favored.
  3. temporī serviendum est (Fam. 9.7) , we must serve the exigency of the occasion.

Note.--In poetry the personal construction is sometimes found: as, “cūr invideor(Hor. A. P. 56) , why am I envied?

Dative of Possession

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