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401. Verbs meaning to remove, set free, be absent, deprive, and want, take the Ablative (sometimes with ab or ex):—
  1. oculīs prīvāvit (Fin. 5.87) , he deprived himself of eyes.
  2. omnī Galliā Rōmānīs interdīcit (B. G. 1.46) , he (Ariovistus) bars the Romans from the whole of Gaul.
  3. aquā et īgnī interdīcitur (Vell. 2.45) , he is debarred the use of fire and water. [The regular formula of banishment.]
  4. voluptātibus carēre (Cat. M. 7) , to lack enjoyments.
  5. nōn egeō medicīnā (Lael. 10) , I want no physic.
  6. levāmur superstitiōne, līberāmur mortis metū (Fin. 1.63) , we are relieved from superstition, we are freed from fear of death.
  7. solūtī ā cupiditātibus (Leg. Agr. 1.27) , freed from desires.
  8. multōs ex hīs incommodīs pecūniā līberāsse (Verr. 5.23) , that many have freed themselves by money from these inconveniences.

For the Genitive with verbs of separation and want, see § 356. N.

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