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152. Many Pronouns, Pronominal Adjectives, and Adverbs have corresponding demonstrative, relative, interrogative, and indefinite forms. Such parallel forms are called Correlatives. They are shown in the following table:—

is quī quis ? quisquis aliquis
that who who? whoever some one
tantus quantus quantus? quantuscumque aliquantus
so great how (as) great how great? however great some
tālis quālis quālis ? quāliscumque ----
such as of what sort? of whatever kind
ibi ubi ubi? ubiubi alicubi
there where where? wherever somewhere
quō quō? quōquō aliquō
thither whither whither? whithersoever to) somewhere
quā quā ? quāquā aliquā
that way which way which way? whithersoever somewhere
inde unde unde ? undecumque alicunde
thence whence whence? whencesoever from somewhere
tum cum quandō ? quandōcumque aliquandō
then when when? whenever at some time
tot quot quot ? quotquot aliquot
so many as how many? however many some, several
totiēns quotiēns quotiēns ? quotiēnscumque aliquotiēns
so often as how often? however often at several times

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