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246. Adjectives meaning provided with are formed from nouns by means of the regular participial endings—

-tus, -ātus, -ītus, -ūtus

Note.-- -ātus, -ītus, -ūtus, imply reference to an imaginary verb-stem: -tus is added directly to nouns without any such reference.

fūnes-tus, deadly; fūnus (st. fūner-, older ( fūne/os- ), death.
hones-tus, honorable; honor, honor.
faus-tus (for † faves-tus ), favorable; favor, favor.
barb-ātus, bearded; barba, a beard.
turr-ītus, turreted; turris, a tower.
corn-ūtus, horned; cornū, a horn.

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