Bibliographical Note

The preceding essay is substantially a chapter (without the footnotes) in A. L. Boegehold et. al. Lawcourts at Athens. Sites, Buildings, Equipment, Procedure and Testimonia (American School of Classical Studies publication, forthcoming 1992). Principal ancient sources of information include Aristophanes (with scholia), especially Wasps, Attic orators (and later rhetorical lexica), Aristotle's Constitution of the Athenians, and various monuments, structural remains and paraphernalia found in archaeological excavations of the Athenian Agora. For a larger context with references to ancient literature and thorough surveys of modern studies up to the time of publication, see J. R. Lipsius, Das attische Recht und Rechtsverfahrung (Leipzig 1905-1915); H. Hommel, Heliaia, Philologus Supplementband 19.2 (1927); R. J. Bonner and G. Smith, The Administration of Justice from Homer to Aristotle, vol. I (Chicago 1928); A. R. W. Harrison, The Law of Athens. Procedure (Oxford 1971); D. M. MacDowell, The Law in Classical Athens (London 1978); P. J. Rhodes, A Commentary on the Aristotelian Athenaion Politeia (Oxford 1981) especially the commentary to chapters 63-69; M. Ostwald, From Popular Sovereignty to the Sovereignty of Law (Berkeley, Los Angeles, London 1986); and now most recently Mortimer Chambers, Aristoteles. Der Staat der Athener (Berlin 1990). For the archaeological material, see H. A. Thompson and R. E. Wycherley, The Agora of Athens. The History, Shape, and Uses of an Ancient City Center (Princeton 1972); and J. McK. Camp II, The Athenian Agora. Excavations in the Heart of Classical Athens (London 1986). Some relevant particular studies are: A. L. Boegehold, “Aristotle's Athenaion Politeia 65.2: The ‘Official Token’” Hesperia 29 (1960) 393-401; id. “Toward a Study of Athenian Voting Procedure,” Hesperia 32 (1963) 366-374; id. “Many Letters: Aristophanes Plutus 1166-1167” Studies Presented to Sterling Dow etc., Greek Roman and Byzantine Monograph 10 (Durham, N.C. 1984) 23-29; id. “A Lid with Dipinto” Studies Presented to Eugene Vanderpool, Hesperia Supplement 19 (1982) 1-6; S. Dow, “Aristotle, the Kleroteria, and the Courts” HSCP 50 (1939) 1-34; M. Gagarin, “The Vote of Athena,” AJP 96 (1975) 121-127; M. H. Hansen, “The Athenian Heliaia from Homer to Aristotle,” Class. et Med. 33 (1981-82) 9-47; J. H. Kroll, Athenian Bronze Allotment Plates (Cambridge, Mass. 1972).

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