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11. 95.33 KYLIX Maenad PLATE III and FIGURE 7

Diameter, 0.192 m.; height 0.076 m. Broken, but complete. The surface of the picture slightly injured on the right arm and knee of the maenad. A break also runs across her mouth and the tip of her nose. Low, thick stem, with moulding at the junction with the heavy foot. The exterior black, except for the inner surfaces of the handles, the spaces within them, and the rim of the foot. Relief contours throughout, except for the scalloped lower edge of the chiton. The hair contour reserved. The ankle in brown. The fillet and the inscription in red.

Found in 1886 at Marion, Cyprus. Formerly in the van Branteghem collection. Ann. Rep. 1895, p. 20, no. 21. Burlington Cat. 1888, no. 7, Pl. III. Klein, Meistersign., p. 221. Collection van Branteghem, no. 31, Pl. III. Hartwig, Meisterschalen, p. 32, fig. 4. Beazley, VA., p. 14. Hoppin, i, p. 150, no. 4. Beazley, Att. V., p. 48, no. 3. A drawing of the shape is given in Caskey, G.G.V., p. 194, no. 148.

A maenad, in Ionic chiton and with a leopard-skin hanging from her shoulders, playing castanets as she runs to left with head turned back. She wears a red fillet and an ear-disk. Two long tresses escape from the mass of hair falling on her shoulder. Her dress is embroidered with crosses. The spots on the leopard-skin are indicated by pairs of small quirks. In the field the signature of the potter Chachrylion, ΧΑΧΡΥΛΙΟΝ ΕΠΟΙΕΣΕΝ.

By the Hermaios painter, like no. 10 above (Boston 03.844). The cup was found with two others decorated by the same painter, but signed by Hermaios (Att. V., nos. 2 and 4). Drawn with the same delicate relief lines. The treatment of the edges of the chiton in scallops, single, double, and triple, occurs in most of his works.

About 520-510 B.C.1

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1 (From Addenda to Part I) No. 11. ARV. p. 77, Hermaios Painter no. 3. On the shape, Bloesch F.A.S. p. 119 no. 1 and p. 122.

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