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A, VA. p. 7 (mispoised). (Eros). About 520 B.C., by Oltos (VA. p. 7 and p. 10 no. 7; Att. V. p. 11 no. 6; ARV.1 p. 35 no. 7; ARV.2 p. 54 no. 6).

Eros flies to right, holding out a head-fillet. This, and the wreath, of smilax or the like, round the hair, are done in red, and do not show in the photograph: see the drawing in VA. p. 7. On the right, part of a large palmette, of the 'closed' type — the petals not separated — usual in the earliest red-figure.

Relief-contour, except for the lower side of the nose, the outline of the lips, the tips of the wings, the lowest petal preserved, and the highest. The chin seems contoured with a relief-line. The line contouring the knee is thinner than the other contour-lines. The contour of the hair is reserved. Brown for the spots on the coverts, and for the engrailed line dividing them from the quills. For the wings compare cups by Oltos in the Louvre and in Florence.1

Most of Oltos's works are cups, but many of his best are pots. Our fragment comes from a pot. What the shape was is uncertain: the curvature would suit an amphora or a hydria. Reserved inside; the wall not thin. Not easy to reconstruct the subject: possibly a pair of Erotes with a plant between?

In any case, Eros is associated here, as often, with plant-life;2 for the palmette is not a mere decorative motive, but a plant.

This is an early Oltos, though not one of the very earliest.

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