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120. 10.201 FRAGMENTS OF A CUP from Italy PLATE LXIX, 3

Formerly in the possession of the Roman dealer Martinetti, in or before 1896. Mon. Piot 9 p. 167 (Pottier). I, satyr and maenad. About 510 B.C., by Skythes (VA. p. 22; Att. V. p. 41 no. 23; ARV.1 p. 75 no. 21; ARV.2 p. 85 no. 22).

The outside may have been decorated. Inside, on a ground-line, a satyr clasps a maenad, who looks round as she flees and raises her right hand. Her left hand holds a snake. She wears a chiton and a panther-skin, belted. On the left, part of an object — phallus rather than thyrsus? Relief-contours. Short relief-strokes for the pattern on the upper part of her chiton. Relief-lines also for the loose strands in front of her ear, for the ends of the satyr's beard and of his hair at the shoulder. The outline of her hair is incised. Red for his wreath, which has the same peculiarity as in no. 119; for the maenad's head-fillet; and for the inscription ΕΠΙΛΥΚΟ[Σ....

Para., p. 329, no. 22; Gercke 1981, p. 115, under no. 57, note 5; Kurtz & Sparkes 1982, p. 45 (D. von Bothmer); R. M. Schneider, 1989, in P. C. Bol., ed., Forschungen zur Villa Albani: Katalog der antiken Bildwerke, Berlin, Mann, II, p. 286, under no. 231, note 16.

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