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Formerly in the possession of Alessandro Castellani. Hartwig p. 620. I, man and youth; A, (men or youths, youth, boy). About 480-470 B.C., by Douris (Hartwig p. 620 no. 4; VA. p. 99; Att. V. p. 208 no. 116; ARV.1 p. 287 no. 99; ARV.2 p. 437 no. 122).

The fragment belongs to the end of the middle — the Hippodamas — period, on the verge of the Polyphrasmon. At this time Douris slightly modifies his inside border, now grouping the maeander-units in pairs.

Inside, the upper parts of both figures remain. A man, dressed in a himation, which has a dark border, leans on his stick, his lips parted and his left hand grasping his forehead, looking at a youth whose right hand is raised to his hair. The youth, who stands frontal, is probably an athlete, lightly adjusting the wreath on his head. The man shows emotion, and one thinks of Pindar's encomion for Theoxenos: ... ὃς μὴ πόθῳ κυμαίνεται ...

Relief-contours. The hair-reserves are bordered by relief-lines, the forehead-hair with two rows of raised dots, the back-hair with one row. The eye and brow of the man are damaged. Red for his head-fillet, and for the inscription ... ΣΚΑΛΟΣ.

Outside, the right-hand part of the conversation scene on one half remains, male figures in himatia, two groups, with overlapping. A man or youth leaning on his stick, with the right leg frontal and the left crossed behind it; facing him, a youth as it must be; then a man or youth leaning on his stick to right, and a boy standing facing him. Relief contours.

The volute at the right edge of the fragment belongs to the tendril which is often added, after the early Hippodamas period, to the simple form of Dourian palmettes: see, for example, the cup in New York1 or the cups in Cleveland and Harvard mentioned above.

Wegner 1968b, p. 184; Para., p. 375, no. 122; CVA, 1990, Karlsruhe, Badisches Landesmuseum, 3, p. 68, under pl. 30 (C. Weiss).

1 New York 52.11.4: Bull. Metr. Nov. 1952 pp. 100-1: ARV.2 p. 437 no. 114.

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