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143. 08.293 CUP PLATE LXXVIII, 5 and PLATE LXXX, 1

Diameter 0.231, height 0.085. Formerly in the Roman market (1899); given by Fiske Warren and Edward Perry Warren. I, a boy running; A, two youths pursuing a boy; B, a youth and a man pursuing a boy. About 480 B.C., by Makron (VA. p. 106 no. 91; Att. V. p. 219 no. 123; ARV.1 p. 312 no. 189; ARV.2 p. 475 no. 265.)

The cup is of Type B. The potter-work is by Hieron. Outside, on A, a boy runs, holding his himation with both hands, and looking back at a youth who drops his stick and runs after him; a second youth runs up from the left as if to cut off the retreat. The youths wear himatia, hanging over both shoulders or one. The scene in B is similar, but the pursuit is less energetic, the pursuer on the left is a man, and the youth has a flower in one hand. On the left, a string-bag is suspended.

Inside, a boy runs, holding his himation with both hands, but not turning round. He has rather a sheepish look, and is evidently running home.

Relief-contour throughout. The brown lines for the minor markings of the body are visible in the photographs of the interior. Red for the head-fillets and the flower.

This is one of many small cups from the fully developed stage of Makron's style, with a single figure inside, and three figures on each half of the exterior, in scenes from everyday life. One in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek has some figures that recall ours;1 for drawing, a cup in Berkeley is among those that are specially close.2

Before leaving Makron, we should mention, although we do not figure it, a small fragment of a cup-interior, from Orvieto, bearing the number Boston Res. 08.31e. It is published in Vorberg Gloss. erot. p. 450, and described in Some Attic Vases in the Cyprus Museum p. 29, 50, where it is said to be almost certainly by Makron. It is in fact by him.

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1 Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek 34: Poulsen Aus einer alten Etruskerstadt pll. 15-16: ARV.1 p. 312 no. 188; ARV.2 p. 475 no. 264.

2 Berkeley 8.3222: CV. pl. 33, 2: ARV.1 p. 306 no. 80; ARV.2 p. 466 no. 107.

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